Aptoide Alternative Google Play Store

Are you looking for the best substitute to your android Google Play Store? Then here is the answer for your problem. The best alternative app store for your android is the Aptoide. This Aptoide app store can be identified as the third biggest app store that you can find out there. Like the Google Play Store the Aptoide app store is also very easy to use and understand. The navigations through the app is very easy. It is much easier if you are familiar with the Google Play Store. You may wonder why you need another app store just same as the Google Play Store. That is because of these reasons. Sometimes you may find some apps in the Google Play Store, but you need to pay for it. But the same app will appear in Aptoide app store for free. What a relief is it? So you should definitely have to try this incredible independent app store Aptoide.

The interface of the Aptoide is very cool and easy to understand. It is a free app store. No need to sign in for using the app. One of the most significant features about this Aptoide app store is that you can create your own app store including all sort of apps, wallpapers, and games etc. as your heart desires. You can share your creativity and desires through this nice app store. You can download any sort of apps that you want from this app store Aptoide.

There are thousands of apps that you can find in this huge app store Aptoide. Some apps in this app store are not available even in the Google Play Store. These apps get updated more frequently and that is also one of the reasons for the massive popularity of this app store. The app store provide opportunity to ask for the previous versions of certain apps if the users want it.

Though the app store Aptoide apk is an open source platform it guarantee the security from malwares. The download and installation of the app store is also very easy and a quick process. The Aptoide download the apk and then you have to install the apk in your android. If the app that you are looking for is free from adware and malware and if the app was tested and if the app is approved by the management of the app store then you can see that app is marked with a green colour badge in the app store. Then no need to think twice. If you want you can download the app with the green badge as it is secure to download in your android.

If you don’t like an app in the app store then you can use the rollback function in the app store to downgrade the app that you doesn’t prefer or else if you are not satisfactory with an update of an app then also you can use this option.

Based on the features that I have listed above on the Aptoide app store I want to say it again that if you are looking for a substitute or an extra app store for your android then this is the best app store for you which acts as a market place for various apps like AC Market. Filelinked is the best alternative app store for Android TV, just like AC Market and Aptoide for Android phones and tablets. Filelinked is mainly focus on Android TV apps and games. Using Filelinked you will be able to find free Movies and TV shows streaming apps. Try all of those for free.