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Content Security, Reliability and Accessibility With Digital Asset Management Software

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In this age of digital information, it’s easy to forget about things that were once...

In this age of digital information, it’s easy to forget about things that were once considered essential. Storage and security don’t even cross the mind anymore – now information flows freely through the Internet and over devices. When your whole business relies on digital media, not having protection and backups in place can mean that one hardware failure puts you under. Don’t take chances with your business, invest in DAM software to keep your digital assets safe and secure. If u need to know elvis dam pricing, you can visit

Photographers, dealing with files that can never be recreated, know the importance of backing up their work and storing it in secure locations. Backing up files locally used to be the only way to keep a sense of security over your work. CDs are difficult to maintain and are easily damaged or lost, USB keys can become corrupted and hard drives are, while more reliable, the most expensive storage option. The two main problems that every type of physical storage backup has are reliability and accessibility. The potential to lose your backup is always present, data can become corrupted and if your machine fails while you are away from your secondary storage, you don’t have any options.

Digital asset management software allows you to store your work, whether they are documents, photographs, spread-sheets, video or any type of digital media, securely online. DAM software also allows groups to share with each other and access a database of files saved online – this makes it perfect for marketing companies who need to access and re-use brand content (images, logos and fonts) or teams working on the same project.

The great thing about digital asset management systems is that they allow you to access content from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Instant access to all of your project files, in the highest quality available, anywhere in the world is extremely useful in maintaining your business.

It’s also easy to setup and organise your digital asset management software for larger groups or companies with access permissions and user groups. You can separate your users into groups and assign content to be shared only with whoever is working on it. Restrictions put in place can ensure that you never have anybody accidentally delete or edit the wrong file.

With so many businesses and individuals relying on digital content for work and revenue, it is becoming increasingly more important that you have a secure backup system for your media. Don’t mess around with hard drives and other local storage options, keep your content available wherever you are and make backing up a breeze, not a chore, with an elvis dam solution.

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