How to Befriend a Spain girl in Bestbrides?

Many have asked us how to find contacts Russian girl in cyberspace. Some have suggested through Facebook social networking or even VKontakte (VK) which is very popular in Russia. Nevertheless, Facebook and VK turned out to be less reliable in finding new friends from Russia. We suggest you try Bestbrides. 

At least there is one fundamental reason why looking for the Russians to be a friend on Facebook or VK extremely difficult. The Russians or foreigners in general, assume that social networks, like Facebook and VK, was not intended to find new acquaintances, but to connect with their acquaintances.

This view is quite contrary to the views of Indonesia, which often makes social media as a means to make friends and seek new acquaintances, or even rare, find a mate. By doing so, do not be surprised if the number of friends that are owned by one person Indonesian Facebook account could amount to one to two thousand people. Not necessarily all of which are on the list known her personally.

The Russians hardly add someone (or accept a friend request) to the list of Facebook friends or VK her if she did not know the person. That “ethics” in social media. At a minimum, before sending a friend request, we should already know the person. Of course, not only “just know”, but did know each other.

Best brides: Similar, but Not the Same

There is social media I would suggest if you want to add a friend from abroad, namely Bestbrides. I can suggest social media is because I had been in Bestbrides since 2009, and until now, I have many friends from different parts of the world, including most of Russia.

How Bestbrides similar to Facebook or VK, only Bestbrides created with a different purpose. Best brides created as a medium to accommodate people who want to exchange information about the culture and learn the language. By doing so, they were joined Bestbrides are people who are (at least) had no interest in learning the language and culture of other countries. That is, the possibility of making new friends is far greater than on Facebook or VK. This is because people at Bestbrides do come from not knowing each other.

At Bestbrides, one can adjust or filter whoever wants to be found on the network – from country, age range, to gender. This filtering feature allows users to more easily find out who they want to meet, for example spanish women. Especially at Bestbrides users can see if someone wants to call it active enough on social media or it’s rare, you can also send messages directly via spanish mail order brides.

Say Through Personal Message or Write on the Wall

How to start a conversation in Bestbrides? Just like on Facebook or VK, Bestbrides also features a message board in person or send a message on the wall of other users. However, usually, people prefer to get the message personally.

Avoid sending a friend request before you get acquainted with people who want to know more. Please send a message to that person first. If you and the other person you feel comfortable with the conversation that exists, you can ask or can add the person to your friend’s list.

What should I write? First, make sure that you read carefully the description of yourself and demand written on the user shall we contact in their profile first. Second, find out what interest, what he expects and what he did not like. If you have a common interest, this will further facilitate the flow of conversation.

Show me your seriousness by sending a message more than “hi” and “how”. Both the opening words were considered less attractive, and most likely will not be addressed by the people we send the message. Make an attractive initial message that we send the message to people who also were interested in talking to you.

Also, notice manners. Many users Bestbrides, especially men, who are happy to tease women in Bestbrides. If you do that, of course, it would reduce the “value” you are in the eyes of the woman. If you want to give praise, give praise naturally, without compromising modesty.

If you meet a Russian woman and wanted to say hello, you can check in advance how much his English skills. Of course, if you do not speak Russian, you would have to rely on English. If she does interest you to know him more and he could speak English, it could not hurt to try to send a personal message. However, if their English skills are lacking, whereas you could not speak the Russian language, I suggest you try searching for other users. Based on my experience, conversations with those who are less able to speak English tend to not grow and eventually end up boring.

Effective Are?

So far, I can say that Bestbrides very effective in making new friendships. When I get along well at Bestbrides, only then I ask if the person has a Facebook account. If so, I will send you a friend request on Facebook (because I was more active on Facebook). Not only that, if you manage to make friendships, it is possible you could ask for personal contacts, such as Skype account, LINE or WhatsApp contact her.

Up to now, I have met some friends that I met at Bestbrides. When I visited Sankt Peterburg and Crimea in 2014 and last September, I had the opportunity to meet with two friends who I know through social networking.

Whether a person can establish a relationship in Bestbrides? It is very possible, but of course, I need to work hard. There are some romance users Bestbrides shared on the Facebook page Bestbrides. That is, it is very possible.

On your profile, you can indicate the type of relationship as what you are looking for: friendship, dating, professional network, or even to a wedding. But this site was created for cultural exchange and language. So, if you want to look for new friends at the same time want to find interlocutors to practice your Russian language, this site is one of the appropriate sites.