How to Simplify a ‘Contact Us’ Form For a Website?

One of the most effective ways to improve a ‘Contact Us’ form is to simplify it. The simpler a form is, the more likely respondents are to fill it out – which will lead to a higher conversion and completion rate.

There are several ways in which you can simplify a ‘Contact Us’ form, and some of the most important are to:

  • Only add essential fields and remove anything else

Minimizing the number of fields in your form is a good way to make it much simpler, which is why as a rule you should only add the fields that are absolutely necessary. In the case of a ‘Contact Us’ form that is normally the email address, subject, and message content.

If you want you could make the subject field optional, reducing the compulsory fields to two.

  • Add labels and fill-out hints

Both labels and fill-out hints can make it simpler for respondents to fill out a contact form without any issues. The fill-out hints will immediately let them know what sort of information is expected, while the labels can provide context just in case they lose their place and the hint is no longer visible.

  • Optimize the size of each field

Each field should be designed based on the length of the answer that it is expected to contain. If you optimize the size of your fields in this way, your ‘Contact Us’ form will be much more intuitive and respondents will feel that their answers ‘fit’.

  • Confine it to a single column

As far as possible you should try to avoid creating contact forms that have multiple columns. A single-column layout with the labels above each field has a much more simple appearance than multiple columns, especially if you are placing different fields in each column.

  • Use a list element for the subject

Rather than forcing your respondents to think of a subject, try to use a list element with several general categories in the subject field. Some of the common subject categories that you could add include ‘General Inquiries’, ‘Feedback’, ‘Issues/Problems’, or ‘Assistance Required’.

Using a list will make it easier for you to segment the responses as well, and manage them more effectively.

In order to simplify your ‘Contact Us’ form in this way you’ll need to be able to create and customize the structure and design of the form. That may not be easy if you don’t know HTML, PHP and CSS – but there are other alternatives.

For example you could learn how to create a contact form in HTML without touching a single line of code by using AidaForm.

At the end of the day simplifying your ‘Contact Us’ form should ensure that respondents have a better user experience and are more likely to fill it out.

That being said you should track the conversion and completion rate of your form – and see how each improvement that you make affects it so that you know you’re on the right track.