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Ideal Model for On-demand Apps like Uber for Plumbers

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Statista records state that mobile apps are going to generate revenue of around 189 billion...
Ideal Model for On-demand Apps like Uber for Plumbers
Ideal Model for On-demand Apps like Uber for Plumbers

Statista records state that mobile apps are going to generate revenue of around 189 billion U.S. dollars in the year 2020, creating a great platform for on-demand apps. Maybe you have been looking for cloning of an on-demand app like Uber For Plumbing Services but not find the ideal prototype. In this informatory page, you will get productive information to formulate such apps.

Earlier, people were unknown to apps like Uber for Plumbers but the present time is merely different. There can be different models for an on-demand plumbing app but only a few models can be considered the best. We are going to discuss the desired model for an on-demand plumbing app. Such apps act as a common mediator to help plumbers and users. Think about how your apps are creating a mutual connection, and you are getting a good commission for every service opted. Users can easily choose the desired service as per their flexibility within a few taps. On-demand services are gaining popularity, as they are providing quick, flexible, personalized solutions to users. This is the reason why on-demand apps have outshined the use of other existing or traditional mediators.

Ideal Prototype for On-demand Plumbing Apps

If you really want to build an on-demand app like Uber for plumbers, then, you have to look at the following metrics.

  • Easy Accessibility: This option will let users to easily select the desired services as per their requirements. If users find difficulty in accessing through apps, then, they will not opt for the services. Users can easily track the location of plumbers. Furthermore, the apps will let users know about the presence of nearby plumbers.
  • Toggle Option: This option is specially made for admin and plumbers to showcase and adjust their online presence to customers. This is requisite. Service providers can easily show availability or unavailability through a single tap.
  • Scheduling: This option helps users to schedule option as per their needs or requirements. For example, users can choose the desired service and cancel anytime. This option has increased flexibility by offering customized solutions to users. This is one of the most important features desired by any professional.
  • Rich and Intuitive Interface: The interface should have an appealing infrastructure. An outdated structure is not liked by users; an advanced feature will create interests among users to choose as per their requirements.
  • Alert Option: This option will let admin and service providers in the case of new bookings, cancellation, scheduling and job status.

Furthermore, the panels will be divided into three structures individually for the admin, plumber, and users. Some features will be similar like login options while others are different.

  • Admin Panel

The admin will easily access to the insight of detailed work information. They can easily manage ratings & reviews. Furthermore, the payment management option, support, plumbers history, and other such option will be provided.

  • Plumber Panel

Plumbers can access to this app through the registration option. This option will let plumbers to easily login through social media platforms and phone numbers. They can also track live status, customer reviews, payment details, make appointments, accept and reject offers.

  • User Panel

Users can easily start by signing up. They can easily choose the desired service through the designated options. Furthermore, they can give their valuable feedback and make payment through the integrated payment structure.

The above-given details show the exact layout of an on-demand app for plumbers. The information is requisite and can be applied to formulate an advanced app like the Uber for plumbers.

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