Information about VPS and Dedicated Server

For running websites on the internet, everyone needs a web server so that website can run smoothly and visitors do not face any problems. For running a website on the internet, you should have to purchase a cloud server which provides you with setting up and managing services. Getting a server space on the internet is known as web hosting and someone gets some space on a specific web server. There are two main types of web hosting which are dedicated servers and VPS (virtual private servers). Before renting server space from any cloud service provider for dedicated server hosting, you should have to know detailed information about both servers. All the types of cloud servers are similar to which you will run your website.
Cloud servers vary in that how they are setting up your website, features offered by web servers, and level of the best customization. You have to pay the amount and you will get space on cloud servers.  

Role of Virtual Private Server

VPS is Virtual Private Server or Virtualized Server. Get the web hosting space from the VPS server and host your website online. VPS hosting gives the best performance as compared to a dedicated server in less money. In VPS, all users can share several physical resources such as disk space, RAM, and CPU.
The virtual private server is not a physical server in reality. So, you do not need to take tension for your physical resources like RAM, CPU because all resources are available in the cloud and under the control of data center tools. VPS users can use the same features and resources which are available in dedicated server and user will also get the authority to install any application. In the case of the VPS server, the user did not get authorization for hardware, and no need to worry about security from the HostingRaja cloud server provider

Use of Dedicated server

If you are looking for more powerful servers, then a dedicated server is much better than the VPS server. A dedicated server is owned by users who need resource-demanding applications or websites. There is no sharing of physical resources in a dedicated server. If you want a large space and a highly secured server, then use a dedicated server for your web hosting. With the hacking in an internet facility, it is very important to choose the server which is highly secured and did not share your data with others.

Everyone who wants to publish their website on the internet must know about dedicated servers vs.
VPS.  The difference between dedicated server hosting and VPS server hosting are discussed below.

Factors Virtual private serversdedicated servers
Cost expensive as compared to sharedmost expensive in comparison to VPS   
  hosting and cheap from dedicated( price of dedicated servers is about $199   
  servers Lowest price for VPS is $ 25per month)   
   per month    
Performancebetter performance as comparedoptimum performance which depends upon    
  to shared hosting  requirements and setup. 
Scalabilitybest scalable response with no downtime may be needed   
Securityhighly secured   maximum security 
Suitabilityhigh traffic of webpage can be If VPS is not able to fulfill your needs, then look   
  handled easily   for dedicated server