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Loss and Profit of Buying a Home with a Credit System

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The purchase of a home by utilizing a home loan facility is the most widely...

The purchase of a home by utilizing a home loan facility is the most widely chosen way in today’s society. Therefore, it is felt more lightening.
Home loans are in demand by consumers because they offer a number of advantages, among which the initial cost is not large. The prospective debtor is only required to complete the document including already paid the down payment to the developer. See also
In fact, Home Loans are provided by banks, although there are already some finance companies that distribute funds from secondary institutions for housing financing. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of home loans?
Advantages of Home Credit

  • The initial cost is light and allows you to own a house with limited funds. With Credit, you do not need a very heavy startup fee for you. Simply by fulfilling all requirements and paying a deposit according to your ability, the house is already yours.

Provided you are eligible for the bank to set, the cash you need to prepare at the beginning is 15{f4476e8704a7192a47fd36bc205113170a8a79f980b1948ff13ee0ded613204a} to 20{f4476e8704a7192a47fd36bc205113170a8a79f980b1948ff13ee0ded613204a} of the house price (for the down payment paid to the property developer), the first monthly installment, and legal administration fees.

  • Buy a house with a legal credit system. Banks only finance the purchase of houses with certificates. Before receiving the certificate, the bank checks its validity through the Department of Land. That is, the legality of the house you buy is safe and secure.
  • Houses Ready for Use

After all the terms and advance to start Credit is processed, the house you buy can be used immediately. So you can already occupy the house, even though the installment has not been paid off.
In contrast to buying a home without Credit, you can only occupy the house that you buy when the payment is paid off or there is a certain agreement with the seller.

  • The most promising form of investment today is property investment. Having a home is a very promising form of investment if you buy a house in a strategic location. Using home mortgages to buy a home is tantamount to saving a long-term investment that is definitely profitable. You can use home purchased with credit for long-term investments. Moreover, the house purchased in a strategic location, the value of the house will certainly increase every year.

Suppose you pay mortgage repayments for a period of 20 years. The price of the house you buy today will surely soar

  • If you rent a house you buy with credit, then use the rent to pay the monthly installment, which means you get a house for free.
  • Banks also require property insurance, whose premiums are listed in monthly installments, to protect your home against fire risks and so on.

Disadvantages of Home Loans

  • House prices are higher because there is additional interest and other expenses incurred, including administration for home loans and legality.
  • The procedure is long enough for you to buy in cash.
  • It takes a lot of documents for home loan submissions, such as Payroll ID Cards, checking accounts, and more.
  • Risk of bad debts when things are out of the forecast, such as severe illness and should be hospitalized, so the mortgage is unused, layoffs and savings are insufficient to pay the mortgage.
  • Though buying a home with credit is an investment, while the property is not a liquid investment. When you suddenly need cash, selling a home is not an easy solution.
  • The bank needs you to keep paying interest because that’s the source of their income. If you pay off the rest of the loan, the risk is the cost of a penalty. Ask the bank before submitting the process.
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