Movavi Photo Editor helps you to get glam makeover for your photos easily

Photos are great to capture memories. But what if your photo has got photobombed? Or it could also be that you don’t want to upload a portrait with unsightly marks on the face. Such situations call for high end editing to ensure picture-perfect shots. However, professional editors use high tech editing tools that are not exactly suitable for beginners or amateur photographers. But not to worry as Movavi Photo Editor has come up as your much awaited editing partner here. It’s an advanced picture editor that will help you to correct the ruined photos and get them a glam makeover easily. The program sports a user-friendly interface and does not call for high tech computing skills for operation.

Movavi Photo Editor enables users to churn out truly spectacular photos just like a pro. Here is a brief on the awesome features of the program.
Supports all popular image formats

This cool photo editor is compatible with all popular kinds of digital photos. Whether you have the photos in JPEG or PNG or DPX or BMP- it can work with all kinds of image formats.
Helps with frame adjustments

Movavi Photo Editor enables the users to choose from a number of options got perfect frame adjustment. You will be able to rotate the photo if the shot looks inverted. Otherwise you can even flip, resize, level and crop portions of the picture.


Studio-quality enhancements

Part of the charm of Movavi Photo Editor lays in its studio-quality enhancements. It comes with a Magic Enhancement tool that will render a perfect glam finish to your regular shots in just a click. Besides, the editing program comes with a whole series of special effects so that you can jazz up the normal photos with different artistic effects.
Removes all imperfections

Movavi Photo Editor can work on all kinds of imperfection on your photos-

  • Cracks
  • Powerlines
  • Unwanted people in the photo
  • Skin blemishes

Changes backgrounds

If you think the original background is dull and has to be changed, Movavi Photo Editor is the software for you. The cutting edge editing program is able to change backgrounds in minutes and comes with a great bunch of backdrops to choose from.
Ability to add text

Movavi Photo Editor further allows you to add text to the photos. Do you want to add a poem on the photo or  a simple caption? Well, you can do everything and even customize the arrangement and position of text on your captures with the Movavi product.
Tip for the user


Movavi Photo Editor is equipped to compress the size of your photo through its Resize tool. If your photos are too large and are taking too much of space on hard drive, seek help from Movavi Photo Editor.


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