Many people think owning your own aircraft is wasteful and only for the rich. The fact is, with the world becoming more globalized, it is more efficient and productive that private aircraft be used than chartering multiple flights or taking several different forms of transportation to reach destinations for business meetings, company retreats, vacations, or other objectives. 

Sure, owning a plane isn’t for everyone, though even recreational flyers deserve to have their own aircraft, there are quite a few benefits to private aircraft. We’ll go over 3 key reasons why certain people or groups might want to consider buying their own aircraft instead of relying on commercial flights. 

Reason #1: Business Perks 

If you own or are part of a company, having a private aircraft for business travel is a much better solution than always trying to fly commercial. For one, there is the time involved in setting up flights, particularly if your air time is in the hundreds of hours. Secondly, in terms of fiscal feasibility, it actually makes more sense to own rather than constantly charter flights or booking commercially. 

Even individuals who spend a good amount of time in the air will find that owning a small plane to accommodate their needs is better than other alternatives. It’s also not as cost-prohibitive as many would expect.
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There are lenders for aircraft available to help with financing if you know where to look.  

Reason #2: Safety and Security 

Especially after recent events, flying in a crowded plane full of passengers from all over can feel a bit overwhelming. Particularly if you’re constantly doing it. Beyond just worrying about your physical health, you have to worry about privacy, constant screenings, and people always being around. This can make conducting business during flights a hassle and it certainly isn’t the best option for high-security jobs. 

Owning a private jet allows you the freedom to get on the plane on your schedule with just the people you want going with you. It’s more timely and safe as well since there are no crowds of people and tight spaces with small seats.
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Private planes are much more accommodating to size and functionality than commercial options  

Reason #3: Time Saved 

We’ve partially touched on this already, but in terms of long-term use, a private plane can save a large amount of time, rather than for individuals or large groups. Bypassing airport screenings and check-ins alone will save hours, but being able to book your own flight plan and leave when you want to, even in the dead of night, is a benefit that outweighs many of the costs.
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What’s more, you’ll be able to get more business done during and in-between flights and spend less time just waiting to get in the air. This increase in productivity can mean loads more profits or time doing things you want to do. 

If you’ve thought about buying your own aircraft or the benefits of a company owned jet, then perhaps these 

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