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Is Apple Authorized Repair worth it? Cracked screen? You aren’t alone. Americans spend billions of...

Is Apple Authorized Repair worth it?
Cracked screen? You aren’t alone. Americans spend billions of dollars each year repairing cracked and touch hesitant screens. Before taking your iPhone in for a repair, think carefully about where you go. Not all providers are created equal and a wrong decision will void your warranty. Or worse.

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With more than 1 billion iPhones sold each year, the business of iphone screen repair has become a booming industry. Unauthorized repair shops have been opening up across the country and they do a great job of marketing their services to the community. Odds are, there is one in your neighborhood. Your other option is to find an Apple Authorized Service Providers (Apple ASP). Is it worth finding an ASP? Or should you just go with a local unauthorized (non-Apple) repair facility?
Here are some things to consider before you decide:
What does it mean to be an Apple ASP?
An Apple Authorized Service Provider (ASP) is a business which has been thoroughly vetted and approved by Apple. They are authorized to legally service Apple products in accordance with all product warranties and standards. Apple has very strict requirements in place to become an ASP. All parts must be factory direct from Apple, ASP’s must employ Apple Certified Technicians, and all repairs must include a 90-day Apple Warranty.
Unauthorized repair facilities create their own standards to adhere to. How high are those standards? No one really knows.
Apple Warranty and Replacement Options
If your iPhone has been damaged, the first thing you should consider is your Apple Warranty. Keep in mind that per the product warranty, any service or repair to an iPhone completed by an unauthorized repair technician renders the warranty null and void.
Apple offers a variety of replacement options for damaged iPhones through their Authorized Service Providers to help you out:
• Limited one year warranty: Every iPhone comes with a one year limited warranty at time of purchase. If a screen is cracked due to a manufacturing defect, your device is fully covered. However, there is no coverage if the crack is the result of an accident or abuse. So if you drop the phone on the ground, the most common culprit, you’re out of luck. Knowing this, many people take their phone to the cheapest unauthorized repair business. Big mistake. If you go to an unauthorized repair facility at any time, you void your entire warranty. That means, if you have additional problems with your phone in the future which would have been covered, such as overheating, you will be denied because you lost your warranty. Choosing a repair facility is a life-long commitment for your phone.
• AppleCare+: When you buy your iPhone, the retailer will offer you AppleCare+ for $129. This extends your one year warranty to two years from the original purchase date AND covers two incidents of accidental damage! For a cracked screen, there may be a $29 service fee, but that is much cheaper than paying for the full cost of repair out of pocket. And it covers you TWICE IN TWO YEARS! AppleCare+ is a worthy investment for the majority of us lacking in graceful phone use. Be aware that the same rules apply to AppleCare+ as the limited one year warranty. If you decide to take your device to an unauthorized repair shop, be prepared to void your AppleCare+.
• Damage Exchange Option: Let’s pretend you damage your phone to such an extent that it is inoperable. Wipe your tears — you may be eligible to trade in the damaged phone for a new iPhone, but only through an ASP. Your payment would be substantially less than the full price of a brand new phone in-store. If your phone won’t power on, has water damage, speaker or microphone damage, or bent enclosures consider trading it in for a new reduced-price phone. Unauthorized repair facilities cannot facilitate this trade for you nor will they foot the bill for you to get a new phone.
My phone is out of warranty anyway…
iPhone owners love their phones and typically keep them for years- well beyond the life of their warranties. Others have opted to purchase second-hand iPhones which don’t come with any warranty.
1. Exchange for a new device: Apple is a great company. They offer an Out of Warranty Service allowing most iPhone owners to trade in damaged phones and receive replacements at a substantially reduced price, even if you purchased your phone second hand. This means savings of up to half the price of a new iPhone. Sometimes even more. The only way to check your eligibility or take advantage of this offer is to take your iPhone to an Apple ASP.
2. Original parts: If you take your iPhone to an unauthorized repair facility, you have no guarantee that they are using certified, authentic Apple replacement parts. Only ASP’s can promise that. It doesn’t make sense to risk the overall health of your iPhone, with no attached warranties, by going to a random repair facility. Apple facilities use only Apple parts — and Apple stands behind every part they create.
3. Screen calibration: An iPhone’s touchscreen is very complex and sensitive. After replacement, screens need to be recalibrated to Apple’s standards. Only Apple ASP’s have the ability to do this. Statistically, calibration fails 5–10% of the time. When your screen replaced and calibrated by a professional Apple Technician at an Authorized Service Provider, you will receive a new iPhone at no cost to you if the calibration to fail.Unauthorized service providers can’t offer that level of protection.
4. Word Wide Warranty: Apple Authorized Service Providers guarantee their work for 90 days. If any problems arise with the repair within that time period, take the device back to any Apple ASP facility in the world for a free fix. It is rare for unauthorized repair businesses to offer warranties and if they do you will be lucky to receive one for 30 days or less. You should also hope you aren’t on vacation when the repair fails because those little warranties are only good at the one location you received the service at.
Which Apple ASP is right for me?
Great question. Apple’s website has a great search tool which allows you to search by location to find an ASP near you. Even though Apple requires all of their Authorized Service Providers to meet high standards, you may still find a large variety of customer service levels provided between companies. Be sure to visit an ASP near you and gauge their levels of service and professionalism.
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