As a business owner, you want to get the best out of your employees. That said, employee recruitment becomes essential; however, you need to think of how you can maximize their productivity. Remember that the efficiency of your team drives the success and economic growth of your business. 

It’s also important to note that people are not robots and acknowledging that is the key to maximizing productivity. Take a close look at the environment of your company and get rid of the following productivity killers.

  1. Poor management

Regardless of whether you have implemented a top-down organizational structure or a very fluid one, there is a need to have effective managers and leaders to enhance productivity and proficiency. Note that poor supervision and management is the main cause of low employee productivity. Managers who do not perform optimally don’t possess the leadership skills needed to motivate and inspire employees.

On the other hand, poor supervision can be a result of failure to reward a job well done and poor communication. Avoid micromanaging to an extent that your workers cannot make even the simplest decisions without your approval.

  1. Inadequate office technology

Inadequate technology can negatively affect your workplace productivity, draining hundreds of working hours per employee every year. Inadequate technology comes in many forms. Also, many organizations are investing in technology without employee education and training, meaning employees have been given apps and other office technology but they don’t know their value and how to use them.

On the other hand, network performance can greatly affect your employee’s productivity. Therefore, communicate with your employees about proper network use, reconfigure your network hardware, and remember that reducing network downtime can save your organization money and grief.

  1. Work stress

Workplace stress can greatly lower employee productivity and morale. And according to a recent study by World Health Organization (WHO), almost one million employees experience low productivity as a result of workplace stress. This then costs a business six hundred dollars per employee every year. That said, if your workers experience workplace stress or anxiety, they can easily get distracted, leading to unfinished projects that will lead to low productivity. So, to enhance their productivity, you must aim at providing a risk and stress-free work environment where employees can show their concerns without fear of retribution.

  1. Toxic workplace behavior

Employees should be encouraged to display good behaviors at all times to enhance productivity. You might think that bullying is an old-fashioned thing; however, many employees experience it. Usually, toxic workplace behavior occurs because some employees are attempting to interrupt and manipulate their work environment.

This behavior is most common in big companies where these employees use tricky tactics to advance their jobs and get up the company ladder. This type of behavior will eventually affect other team members and will force them to think about their place in the organization in the future.

  1. Poor communication

Effective organizational communication means creating boundless communication with your workers to a point where they can show their worries and ideas. Also, to improve their productivity, your employees must be aware of your company’s objectives to evaluate if it suits their needs. 

So, if you have a plan that might affect your employees and are afraid to let them know, it is crucial to remember that rumors fly and fear will start setting in. To establish the right communication and improve employee productivity, you should have a grievance policy that will ensure all the complaints are handled justly and constantly.

Bottom line

Workplace productivity plays a significant role when it comes to helping you reach your objectives. There will be no obstacle if your employees are happy and motivated. In fact, you will experience economic growth and amazing results. 

The above points are some of the common causes of poor productivity. Address them and create a better working environment for your employees.

By palmora