Whilst planning a corporate event or conference, management will certainly be busy answering questions about when and where they will hold the event. Choosing an event venue is certainly not an easy thing to do. The many choices of places offered today sometimes make companies confused when attempting to choose the most appropriate place to make their event a success.

For you and your partners wanting to book an event venue, Event companies will discuss a number of things with you and provide options to consider so that you don’t choose the wrong one.

  1. Set up your budget and concept

Determine what concept you want to use for your event. Do you want to use outdoor or indoor concepts? What theme will you use? Discuss with your event company about the concepts and themes you want to use. Also determine the budget that you will spend to order the venue. By knowing the concepts that you will use and the available budget, you can reduce the number of available venue options so you don’t have to go to many places that are not in accordance with the concepts and budget you have.

   2.  Venue location

You definitely want to enjoy your event along with your clients and employees on your big day. Don’t let the venue you choose have a negative affect on the day. Choose a venue with a location that is easily accessible to invited guests. If you want to choose a location that is a bit far away, estimate the travel time of invited guests to the venue. That way, you can predict when the event will begin so that it minimizes the possibility of invited guests arriving late to your event.

    3. Facilities provided

Before ordering, come to the venue you want. Look and pay attention to every detail of the venue you will choose. Ask what facilities are offered. Does the venue have partner vendors or not? Some venues sometimes have partner vendors where when you order the venue, you will use vendor services (such as decorating and catering vendors) that work with the venue. But if you already have your own vendor, choose a venue that doesn’t have cooperation with their partner vendor. If you invite a lot of guests, you should choose a venue that is quite spacious and has adequate parking facilities so that invited guests do not have to queue in front of the entrance and jostle inside the venue.

   4. When to book your event venue

Book or order the venue you choose as soon as possible. Usually the buyer is done around 12 months (or more) before the event is held. The 12 months before the event is held is a very normal estimated time of order. The length of time the venue is booked with the time of the event allows you to plan and prepare everything more carefully. The faster you order, the more likely you are to get the venue on the day you want. Don’t take too long to order the venue you choose. The price of venues that you book near the time of the event sometimes tends to be more expensive. now with Catalyst Events you don’t have to bother looking for a place for your event. Catalyst Events provide comprehensive conference and event management services to suit all your promotional and commercial needs.

   5. Don’t be shy to ask about anything

Ask every detail you want to know. Like what date did you choose to hold the event still empty? Are there other additional costs that need to be spent? How long does it take to prepare place decorations? Besides that, don’t forget the question regarding the back-up plan. The back-up plan is not only planned for business owners who use outdoor concepts. But also for the indoor concepts. For example, if the electricity goes out on the these day, is there a power generator available that can be used? If you use the outdoor concept, is there a place that can be used if it rains during the these day? Don’t be shy to ask about all the things you need to ask. It’s your day and you have the rights to know about it.

Last but not least, come to the venue a day or two before the event is held. That way, you can make sure everything is perfect and nothing is lacking. Those are some of the things you need to know before booking your event. Hopefully the explanation above can help you to organising your event faster, with less stress and before you invest time and money into it.

By palmora