In overclocking, a lot of factors can determine the success of an overclocker in the pursuit of the highest performance. In addition to quality hardware, software that helps overclocking process will also greatly affect the process of achievement. For gamers who want to get extra VGA performance, as well as a competitive overclocker who wants to force his hardware up to the maximum, there are a variety of VGA overclocking tools from various vendors. For more information you can visit

Here we present 5 of our favorite VGA overclocking tools, along with a brief description of the usefulness of these tools.

Note: The discussion here focuses on the functionality of OC VGA tools to add performance, extra usability such as image capture, video and others not discussed.

MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner is MSI’s universal VGA overclocking tool that allows users to overclock their graphics card. This app can be used for NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards. Although named ‘MSI Afterburner’, the tool not only works for VGA MSI but for other vendors as well. Do not be fooled by its simple appearance because this app has very much functionality. You can also choose different skins according to your preferences.

There are 2 panels when the user opens the Afterburner where the left contains the option to set some graphics card parameters while on the left to monitor the state of the graphics card. Self-adjustable parameters range from fan settings, GPU Clock, Memory Clock to the voltage settings on the graphics card that support them (in the Voltage GPU section). At the bottom of this utility, MSI Afterburner provides an option to save overclock settings on 5 available profiles.

ASUS GPU Tweak / GPU Tweak II

Like MSI Afterburner, ASUS GPU Tweak is an application from ASUS that allows users to overclock their VGA. This application itself can be run not only with ASUS graphics card only so that it can be used to some type of graphics card. ASUS GPU Tweak can also be used for graphics cards NVIDIA and AMD. In it, the user will find some options that can help you in overclocking. There is an option that allows the user to change various parameters such as GPU Clock and GPU Voltage.

By palmora