IG TV is an amazing app introduced in Instagram. It helps to create Instagram videos of long time. This application is just like a channel which is created by videos of creators. IGTV application is available standalone in play store. Moreover its basic functionality is available in Instagram also.

How IG TV works

This video making application works by videos posted by Instagram creators. Length of videos is more than videos posted on Instagram. You can post videos of 1 minute on Instagram while it contains videos more than one hour. You can create your videos for posting on social media. You can also watch videos of people you follow on Instagram. Videos can be watched in full mode as well as in portrait form. It broadcast videos of people you follow on Instagram. It has got publicity specially in the young generation.

How to create effective videos on IG TV

You need to search effective ways for publicity of your content on IG TV. First you need to make your content best in making. There are some short strategies for making videos effective and influential for followers.

Chose effective subject

First you should choose subject which must be influential enough to be watched and appraised. People like videos which contain some sort of good subject enough to learn something from it. There is tough competition on social media for content watching. For this reason, your content must be good in content. People spend their time on such videos which make them happy or learn something.

Script making

After choosing content for videos on IG TV, you need to create some script for looking videos professional. You create script before recording videos. Also, we recommend using a Teleprompter app. This will add great professional value for the business. All important information should be included in script for making content good. It must be in sequence and look professional. You need to highlight all important content so that it may not be missed. Good script makes content attractive.

Select good tools

For creating videos for followers on Instagram, you should select good tools like cameras without noise and with high resolution. You cannot use less resolution camera if you want to make your content attractive. But you should not buy such expensive tools if you are just starting it. You should take decision which is better for your content publicity. Several high resolution good cameras are now introduced in mobile phone which make your videos good. You can buy such mobile phones for making videos and publishing on IG TV.

Videos editing

You videos may not be attractive if you are not selecting content which is informational and useful for followers. Videos should be edited by cutting extra content which is not useful. You can adjust colours of videos and many other thing through different editing apps.

Publishing videos on Instagram

After making and arranging content, you can post this content on Instagram. IG TV and Instagram are integrated and collaborative. A side bar of IG TV is available on Instagfam for posting long videos on Instagram. Your followers can view your videos on it.

By palmora