To create a server-based web we need some things that are embedded so that our web can be created and run well. Required devices in the form of hardware and software when detailed there will be a lot of devices needed. Here are some examples of developer tools that are widely used today

Sample Web Server Application Developer Tools:

Web server

Form of a computer that is devoted to run the application server although there are also using a regular desktop computer, of course, the capacity is not as big as a computer that is devoted to the server. web server is usually known as hosting is a place where the website data is stored and accessed.

Web Browser

Because the web is displayed in a browser, of course, the browser is the primary device a web app development must have. As explained in the Browser and Client Codes section, be sure to have at least some of the most used main browsers. The Download Browser table shows the popular browsers, and where to get the browser.

Internet Network

Internet bandwidth owned should be big and more attention is uploaded not downloaded usually ratio upload and download 1: 1 the greater bandwidth will be more web that can be embedded on a server.


to create a website on the server must installed an operating system usually use a dedicated server and based on open source like Linux. While the standard on mobile application development usually consists of:


usually some APACHE Server is an application that processes the website data of this application is the core application and the principle that must exist on every web server

SQL Server

widely used applications are usually MYSQL. The function of this application is to process the database and connect it with HTML data


This application is an application that processes PHP language to be used on a web server


The transfer protocol file functions as a path to enter and retrieve files

Mail server

serves to sent and manage email in addition to the above applications there are many more applications that exist in a web server. To facilitate the use of a control panel is built in which already integrated all the applications and features available. The well-known panel is cpanel which is easy to use even though there is also an open source control panel.

In addition, as for the software / other applications required in making this web, among others:


  • Design Tools: Adobe Firework
  • Database Design: PhpMyAdmin and Sequel Pro
  • Writing program code: NetBeans PHP, NotePad ++, and Smultron
  • Testing and Client Debugging: Firebug in Firefox, and BrowserShots
  • Implementation of website on web server: MAMP, and XAMPP

By palmora