Amazon is known to have made a profound effort in delivering the ultimate customer experience. The methodology of providing “A to Z products on one single platform” has made Amazon the world’s largest ecommerce company.

However with countless choices in one category, users are often overwhelmed. And to help customers make a better choice, Amazon comes into play.

It resorts to the boundless potential of Big Data; gets a lot closer to its customers’ preferences and impressively predicts their future purchases.

This is exactly how it started to recommend specific products instead of displaying the catalogue.

All in all, it works more or less on the basis of browsed categories, shipping address, time spent on each page, demographics, and even by reviews.

Amazon literally cleared its path to bagging billions by conceiving an idea with far-reaching impacts. All through BIG DATA!

Other industrial giants like Walmart, Netflix, CERN, Rolls Royce, Pendleton & Son Butchers, RBS, LinkedIn, Facebook, Microsoft, etcetera took strides in business strategy by using Big Data as the cornerstone.

Mobile App Development Companiescan leverage Big Data potential by –

Delivering a profound user experience – The aforementioned example of Amazon’s mobile app is quite evident in itself about how the deluge of data has been of immense help in getting insights on customers’ preferences.

And that is what exactly mobile apps would do to meet specific requirements of its end users. Out of many research studies conducted, even the one conducted by Adobe and Econsultancy believes it to be a crucial aspect in delivering a better CX.

Even some well-known health apps such as Runkeeper or Argus utilize the collected data to the maximum extent to gain actionable insights on its users’ fitness levels.

It is directly proportional to an app performance – Big data has a mammoth role in gathering insights for effective evaluation of each individual customer’s profile, glitches that obstruct seamless checkout and the level of engagement in particular.

This should not be a one-off task but a standard procedure to ensure minimal app abandonments.

A business in many ways can leverage from Big Data to dramatically boost their sales and customer base. Here is a lot one can learn from how Starbucks managed to do it!

Furthermore, apps will beyond a doubt thrive on customer loyalty if Mobile App Development Companies engage in unremitting features and functionality updates.

Businesses slack if apps fail to outstretch – Your business, only limited to a specific country or city, would quite out of question widen your scope of increase in annual turnover.

Netflix did it!

Amazon, Facebook, Whatsapp and countless more have done it too.

Guidelines to making revenue milestones are precise.

-> Get global.

-> Understand needs and expectations. They vary from city to city.

-> Mould your offerings in accordance with the collected insights basis of age, gender, location, history, etcetera.

Big Data impacts decision-making – Pertaining to the dynamicity of mobile app market, Mobile App Development Companies have no choice but to keep in line with the latest trends having roots of real-time data.

Entrepreneurs can make influential decisions and suggest a few yet major app tweaks that are potential to sustain market needs and higher profits. Uber does it all the time.

And here I conclude it

There are many, many businesses that have an exemplary contribution in their own realms. It may be IBM’s Watson teaching computers to learn or Terra Seismic predicting earthquakes.

The list is long and overwhelming. However, if Mobile App Development Companies make Big Data pivotal to a business strategy, success is not far away.

By palmora