Tires are one of the most important factors in your car. Tire has a variety of functions to support the mobility of your vehicle and to anticipate accidents in driving. Tires has types depending on the function of its use. Therefore, car owners must be careful in choosing the best tires.

To make it easier for you to recognize and understand tires specifically, this article will try to review everything from function, type, component function. Now, let’s look at the reviews, one by one.

In general, the main function of all types of car tires is;

1. Withstand the weight

This will be affected by the wind pressure on the tire. The wind in the tire will function to support the weight of the car and the load inside. Therefore, checking the tire pressure is very important, especially when on long trips and carrying heavy loads.

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2. Suppress shocks

Still related to wind pressure, a tire is very influential in reducing the initial shock of the uneven road.

Radial type tires are better at absorbing shock than biased type tires.

3. Continuing power from the engine

On each type of tire, you will find different tire pattern. This is related to the performance of traction and braking that comes from engine power.

4. Forward the steering function

In controlling the direction of the car’s speed, the tire is one of the most important components. Also, the ability to maneuver and stability in driving is largely determined by the performance of the tire itself.

By knowing the basic functions of a tire, now you understand how tires work to prevent incidents on the road.

Tire Type

Tire is divided into three types, namely bias tires, radial tires, inner tube tires, and tubeless tires. The following is a brief explanation.

1. Bias Tires

This type of tire has a characteristic shape. It has a fiber layer with a sloping direction. The advantage of a bias tire is it can increase driving comfort.

This comfort happens because the tread can absorb vibrations very well. Of all the advantages, of course there are weaknesses. Resistance to wear and shock (rollers) is still not as good as radial tires.

2. Radial Tires

The difference between radial tires and bias tires is, Radial tires have fibers that are crossed, not tilted as in bias tires.

Radial tire belts are made of steel, some people called this tires as steel radial tires.

Unlike ordinary tires, radial tires are better in used and in shock resistance, but not in terms of driving comfort.

By palmora