Everyone must be familiar with the name google, a search engine that is famous throughout the world and is used by almost everyone in their online activities. For example looking for references, tutorials, specific topic information and images.

This post will explain how to get images that have high quality as desired because usually when we just search for images on Google and then download them, the results of image quality are sometimes blurry and broken.
Especially for those of you who are accustomed to making billboards, banners or like editing photos with the addition of other images. It should require the download of a good quality image from Google to be used as the background for the design of the banner or billboard. Can also with other needs that require to get images from Google with high quality or HD.

How to Get High Resolution Images from dual-monitor-hd-wallpaper.juichi-kobayashi.com

Do a search as usual on Google by writing dual monitor hd wallpaper. Don’t forget to choose the best image quality. For example, when you search for images.
Display pictures of houses seen in the search results for images, how do I know which ones are high quality images?

  1. Click on the tool
  2. Select a size
  3. More than

There will be many picture sizes that you can choose from, the larger the size of the selected image the better the image quality that will be obtained. See the image below

On the sub menu more than please scroll down to see more other image sizes, the bigger the image the better. Starting at 400 x 300 image sizes up to 70 MP (9600 x 7200) images.

After we choose the desired image size, then all the images that appear in Google’s search results will be more than the size we choose.

For example I will choose an image size of 70 MP, then the results of the images that appear all size above 70 MP.

Until here you have managed to search for images on google with high resolution (HD). Please download the image you want according to your search. The best quality downloaded images can now be used according to your needs without fear of blurring or breaking when editing or zooming in on images.
That’s the way to get high-quality images from Google even for free, hopefully useful. thanks.

By palmora