Company data must be protected and safeguarded. Data is a valuable Digital Asset of your business. Physical assets such as buildings and production equipment, are easily maintained, compared with data. The safe keeping of company data is vital.

Protecting business data is not only required for up to date computer and information systems, but also human resources. Data protection is essential, so that company data is not damaged, lost, or leaked into other people’s hands.

There are several things you can do:

  • Secure the internet network
  • Provide clear access rights
  • Perform routine backups
  • Provide education to all in HR

1. Securing Internet and Digital Asset Networks

Every company has an internet network that is used to support production and communication activities. Everything connected to internet networks, including data and your system must be adequately secured. Good security is important and it can protect the data from viruses, phishing, or malicious actions from persons who want to steal company data.

If your company has strong competitors, it is necessary to prevent bad things such as data leakage. Therefore, Digital Asset Management (DAM) is essential for the company.

2. Provide Clear Access Rights

You can manage who has access to your company data. There can also choose other employees or people and give them the responsibility to help manage it. Because of this concept, you need a system to control who can access this data and who has the right to access that data.

With the several employees having access rights, you will need to find out who is responsible if there is an error or damage is evident? The solution for this is to use Elvis DAM. Elvis DAM is a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system that can also protect all of your media files in one single place. Make sure that only the right people have access to the correct data. For Elvis dam pricing and other information, you can visit the website

3. Perform routine backups

Since data is one of the most valuable company assets, you need to do regular backups. You will be able to back up certain types of data at any time along with backing up your entire collection of data on a regular basis.

4. Education to All HR

Provide training to all HR so they understand the importance of maintaining data security and the benefits that come with employees being able to access important data when and where they need to.

By palmora