These days, there are many entertainments available for your child when they have a personal mobile phone in hand. When your child is growing up, there are many things which let them access by fraudulence activities with the help of mobile phone. Of course, every parent should take care of your child to get off some mischievous activities using a mobile phone.

Consequently, you have to take special care of your child when they are a teenager and monitor them continuously. However, this allows parents to grab attention on some tracking apps that help them to control child anytime. Therefore, you can use Hoverwatch mobile applications to track child mobile activities directly.

Kids place

It is a comprehensive parental control app that is suitable for monitoring child mobile activities without knowing them. It includes customized home screen app that prevents your kids from downloading unnecessary things. However, the app includes time feature to specify a schedule for using Smartphone like Refog application. It can also block incoming calls and disable wireless signals. Moreover, you have to set PIN for security purposes and avoid child to unlock it and access it freely.

Kuukla Parental control app

It is a well-known app that helps you to tailor your Android phone connects to your child mobile. It allows you to select the application that you want to see from your child mobile. It disables access to all other applications and protects from child view. It is named as the best control device that allows you to monitor your child anytime by connecting with the device. They will get controlled access once you install this application on their device.

Abeona App

It is a complementary app which is called as device monitor for parents. This is, however, the app is suitable for monitoring purpose that integrates to check installed apps present in the mobile. You can also view call logs as well as check whether your child using online or offline. This app allows the parents to reports of device and location correctly. So, this is a great one and hence you will get immediate reports from Smartphone.

SecureTeen parental app

This app allows you to monitor children online activities whether they are using adult contents. If they try to enter adult sites, it automatically blocks them by using this application. However, this provides child phone for securing and filtering out the adult sites that are being entered. So, this makes you achieve the biggest protection for the child not to enter any mischievous activities by their mobile phone.

Screen time app

It is a helpful app which allows you to manage how much time does your child access the device. Moreover, this includes many features according to the time and considers the best platform in it. This application is still getting more reviews and helpful for the parents to control their child easily. You can set daily time on the apps as per you want to restrict access to the apps after this period.

Kids Zone

This is another handy parental control app that gives you the capability to set time limit. However, this allows the parents to monitor their child eagerly by using this app for free. It allows them to block phone calls and text messages from others. If they try to enter adult sites, it automatically blocks and gets the report to your device.


These days, it is necessary for the child to get everything in a technology oriented way, but unfortunately, they use some mischievous activities. To avoid these situations, the parents must install the above apps to control and monitor your children continuously.

By palmora