Yes, there would be many of you want to know that what is all about the rule of Youtube Count. Youtube treats a view as a count when one plays a video for more than 30 seconds or more than it. But what if a video is even shorter than 30 seconds. It means you have to play the entire video and then it would be counted as a view. It means a video of 20 second needs to watch the entire one.

Youtube is a nice platform and it never stops anyone to watch a video if it not private or blocked in a country or has +18 content. It is being mentioned that even the owner is allowed to watch a video for even 30 times but it would not sit well with the ads clicking.  That is why you should avoid if you have done your channel monetized.

Moreover, replaying a video would also be regarded as a count. If you go ahead to watch 50 times a single video then it would be regarded to buy youtube views on the same video. Talking about one more thing, Youtube always keeps the 30-sec playtime to treat as a count since some people do change the video in mid finding it not interesting. That is why it would be ideal if you need to watch it for 20-30 sec.

If you skip the middle part of the video and did watch it only for 20 seconds and then jumped to last part and watch only for 10 seconds then it will also be treated as a count. But Youtube will stop counting views if you go on loop. It is regarded as spam.

By palmora