Computer science classes can be extremely hard, and they just get harder as the homework begins to pile up. Especially for me, as I was juggling two different computer science courses. I began to fall behind, both in my homework and my general understanding. The classes were incredibly frustrating at times, because I was forced to waste my time doing homework assignments that were time consuming but incredibly easy. At first, i just started to ignore these assignments, but my grade suffered dramatically. However, then I began using and my life became much easier. was the solution to my problem, as it allowed me to submit the work that I was either too lazy or simply unwilling to do. Then, all I had to do was pay and my work would be sent off for someone else to do for me. Not only did I save time, but this allowed me to spend more time studying areas that I had not already mastered, causing my grade to increase in more ways than one! The craziest part is the fact that you can set your own deadline times, one time I forgot that I had an assignment due and they were able to have it back to me in less than three hours!

Overall, the site is excellent at helping me get my coding and computer programming assignments done. Whether I am too lazy to done an assignment or dont know how to do it, their are more than four hundred coders available to do the assignments for me when I need it, and the prices are fairly reasonable as well. The lowest score I have received using this service was an A minus, and for not doing any of the work myself, an A minus is A okay with me!

By palmora