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What is SaaS?

You have a brilliant business idea and want to create a software product that will both improve the effectiveness of companies and people’s lives and generate high profit? Then you might consider SaaS as a revenue model.

SaaS, or Software as a service, alongside IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service), is a way of cloud-computing service delivery, where clients pay for software, hosted on a remote server, per each use or subscribe on a monthly or a yearly basis. There are three storage modes: public cloud — when infrastructure is hosted by third-party data centers, private cloud — within the company’s network, and hybrid — a mixed approach.

The popularity of SaaS has been growing for forty years. It appeared in the 60-ies because computers were huge and extremely expensive, and many companies couldn’t afford to have one. At that …

Best Cooler Box Recommendations

A cooler box is must-have equipment to keep food and drinks fresh during a picnic or camping. You can store food, drink, fruit, and fish ingredients to keep them fresh. The large selection of cooler boxes on the market might confuse you. But, you don’t have to worry.

In this article, we will provide tips on choosing a cooler box for your various needs.

How to choose a cooler box

The choice of the cooler box can be different depending on the tastes and needs of the user. Please check the points of how to vote below to find out in more detail!

Choose the type of cooler box according to your needs and intended use

In terms of rice, cooler boxes are divided into two types, namely the hard type and the soft type. Pay attention to the features of each of the following types and choose the one …

Guide to Understanding How E-Bikes Work

We can all agree that bicycles are economical, simple, convenient, and healthy ways of transportation. However, they are not for everyone since it can be highly challenging to pedal up to hills, especially with heavy loads.

You should check out this site: to learn more about E-bikes in general.

This is something older adults cannot manage themselves, which is an important consideration you need to remember. However, in the last few years, a new generation of E-bikes entered the market that created eco-friendly transportation abilities for all generations.

Keep in mind that these bicycles come with similar features as regular ones, but they can boost that will help you with uphill and downhill problems.

Essential Components of an E-Bike

We can differentiate four essential parts of an e-bike such as:

  • Batteries – You need to remember that one of the essential parts of any bike is batteries, primarily because

What Video Call Options should you use during the Christmas period to see your loved ones?

The year 2020 has not been an easy one especially because of the pandemic. There are many reasons why you might decide not to travel during the Christmas season. It could be that you are positive about the COVID-19 and you know that it will be wrong for you to travel. Apart from government regulations to quarantine yourself if you are positive, you do not want to go and spread the virus to your loved ones. It might also be that you are scared that traveling will expose you to the risk of contracting the virus and hence you want to lie low for the year and observe how the next few months will be. You might have gone through ideas for a family Christmas gift and ordered gifts that would be delivered to your loved ones. However, you are also still interested in seeing them face to face and …

What you need to know about the future of malware and viruses

Today, one of the major fears of most computer users is malware and viruses successfully finding their way into their computer. This is more so when it is a workplace computer or when they have to use sensitive information on the computer. Hence, you would want to know if the threats of viruses and malware will ever go away or if they would get worse.

Will the threats of viruses and malware ever go away?

The answer to this question is a resounding No. This is because the only way the threats of viruses and malware can ever go away is if we all dropped our phones and computers. This implies going back to the analog and manual ways we do this. Unfortunately, not only is this not feasible, but the reverse is the case. More people are regularly buying computers, learning to use computers, and introducing computers to …

Honda CBR650R Specifications and Prices

Price of Honda CBR650R – The generation of sport motorcycles has returned, this time coming from Honda which is referred to as the CBR650R. There are significant changes, which will further optimize performance, starting from the chassis line, then clutch sandals, body, and even driving position. Where all that promises more comfort than the motorsport in its class. You need to know, this latest large Honda motorbike is included in the touring supersports bikes.

Of course, the main reason why it’s called that is because of everything from the tank to the back is designed like a neo sports cafe motorcycle. As a result of users increasingly feel comfortable when traveling long distances, or in other words “touring”. Not to mention the changes made in the feet sector, especially the front line, then in the exhaust gas section, which you can find out more about in the Honda CBR650R …

Benefits of the 5G Network: Remote Operation to Autonomous Cars

The 5G network is in sight. At the Mobile World Congress 2019 arena that just took place in Barcelona, ​​some 5G smartphones have been introduced. Maybe next year, several countries have begun to implement it.

As is known, Huawei is among the most keen to develop 5G technology. In early February, they posted an ad in New Zealand’s top newspaper, claiming that “5G without Huawei is like rugby without New Zealand.” Rugby is synonymous with Australia’s neighboring country.

“We want to show the world that 5G can make the world better, and we take the lead in this,” Huawei, Richard Yu, told reporters at MWC.

In addition to ordinary telecommunications, the 5G network that is claimed to be super speeding is actually what are the benefits? The following is an example according to Huawei in its statement.

1. Telesurgery 5G First

On January 8, a surgeon in Fujian, China, succeeded …

30 Years Again, Chinese Imitation Month Shines

Do you still remember China’s plan to make a fake moon? After only being referred to as ‘a satellite that is able to reflect the sun’s light’, now the actual form of the artificial moon is known, namely space solar panels (SSP).

This project is certainly very ambitious. Its potential makes it called the biggest renewable energy source and can meet the electricity needs of all humans according to the National Space Society (NSS). The researchers also assume that the CNS will be very expensive.

However, two years ago, the Chinese government had intended to invest heavily in renewable energy sources, including solar, wind, water and nuclear power, by 2020. Its value is not playful, which is 2.5 trillion yuan, or is now worth Rp. 5,271 trillion, as quoted from CNN, Selaas (3/5/2019).

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, aka the space agency owned by the Bamboo Curtain State government, …

Nintendo Releases VR Toys for Switch Through Labo

Until a year ago, Nintendo was still reluctant to work in the world of virtual reality (VR). In early 2018, for example, the Japanese company assumed that this technology was still not feasible to be distributed in the mainstream way.

Now, they are actually announcing to start the VR sector. Admittedly indeed, their way is fairly anti-mainstream than other players, for example Playstation.

They are now using Labo to apply the VR system to the Switch console. Cardboard equipment can support the VR concept on a hybrid console? It certainly becomes a new idea in providing virtual reality experiences for players.

This VR set is a game package, or what is referred to as Toy-Con, the fourth one owned by Labo. Previously, there was a basic package that contained a remote control, a fishing pole, and so on, then there were robotic equipment, and finally the media for racing

Based …

Chinese Hackers Infiltrate 27 Universities in the US, Search What?

Chinese hackers are said to attack 27 universities in the United States and several other countries. What are you looking for from hacking?

In a report issued by a cybersecurity company called iDefense, the hacker was looking for access to the results of maritime military research that was allegedly stored on the servers of these universities.

Hacking groups that infiltrate have many names, such as Temp.Periscope, Mudcarp, and Leviathan. There is no connection from the group to the Chinese government, but because the target is US military data, analysts at iDefense consider the hacker action sponsored by the Chinese government.

The method used by hackers to infiltrate is to send spear phishing emails, which make it visible to be sent by the partner of the university. If the document or e-mail is opened, predictably, the malware inside will act and infiltrate the university’s network.

The university is the target of …