Sleep is one of the things needed by the body. By getting enough sleep, the body is able to repair damaged cells and tissue and build new ones.

Some researchers also say, people who sleep well every night avoid various diseases. Quality sleep is not measured by how long the eyes are closed. However, when we are able to make brain waves into a deep sleep vase.

Mosquito Disorders

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Causes of difficulty sleeping

In alerts from the page, there are several things that cause a person to have difficulty falling asleep, including:


stress greatly affects the physical, behavioral, and emotional so that it can make the body tense and anxious and cause difficulty sleeping

Chemical effects

Chemicals such as alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine can be one of the reasons that cause sleeplessness.


In general, when entering the age of 60 many people experience changes in sleep patterns.

Medical condition

Some medical conditions that cause sleeplessness include stomach acid disease, asthma, to depression.

Tips for Comfortable Sleep

1. Avoid consumption of caffeine, alcohol, and cigarettes

Reducing the consumption of foods and drinks that are stimulant or that keep us awake. If you want to make quality sleep, avoiding caffeine at night is recommended.

2. Keep the sleep intruders

Sleep in a comfortable environment. That is, keep things that can disturb our peace of sleep such as television, video games, mobile phones, and computers. Make sure we are comfortable with the room temperature.

3. Set a regular wake-up time

According to the page, Barry Krakow writes the book Sound Sleep, Sound Mind: 7 Keys to Sleeping Trough the Night, saying that managing sleep and waking time is a problem for those who experience sleep disorders.

For that in his book, Krakow provides an alternative to determine the time to wake up that must be done every day. This rhythm will later form the body’s biological clock. So that we will always get sleepy faster and wake up always at the same time.

4. Take a shower with warm water before going to bed

Taking a warm bath before going to sleep will reduce body tension, cause sedation or stimulate the sleep effect.

5. Turn off the Smartphone

Keep the smartphone out of our reach so that sleep becomes more calm and restful.

6. Clear Your Mind

Clear your mind and things that can interfere with deep sleep.

By palmora