Research articles are most in demand among postgraduate students and academics who are to defend their PhD thesis, as one of the main requirements for a candidate for a degree is to have at least 3 articles published in various scientific journals.

Types of research papers

Nowadays, research articles are divided into several types. Each of them has its own features that the author needs to take into account. In the modern world of science, the most common are:

  • review articles. Represents an evaluation, synthesis or analysis of previously published scientific work. Their main purpose is to allow the general public to appreciate the importance of the topic touched upon by the author;
  • primary. In this type of work, the author presents original information about the results of their research work in a format that allows other specialists to reproduce the experiments conducted, evaluate the judgments and analyse the conclusions.

It is not uncommon for both types of writing to be combined, with the result that the research text contains both review elements and an original part.

Requirements for research papers

Scientific writing is a complex process during which it is important for the author to adhere to strict rules. Many requirements relate specifically to the structure of the author’s research. Thus, it must necessarily be present in part, divided into an introduction, the main text and personal conclusions. Also, a scientific work in such a format should have a thematic title, a short abstract, information about the author and a list of bibliographic sources used in writing.

Basic criteria for a research paper

In addition to proper design, writing scientific articles also requires the author to pay attention to the following aspects:

  • The relevance of the topic touched upon;
  • the presence of a clearly expressed main idea;
  • originality of information (novelty of the facts or experiments performed);
  • maximum brevity of presentation;
  • orientation towards the target audience;
  • the logical presentation of thoughts.

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