Screen Recorder apps are all that you need to capture live videos or recordings

Are you planning to catch up with an upcoming live webinar but worried about your packed schedule? Well, the live video sites do not offer download facilities and you have no option to download the live videos to watch them later. However, don’t freak out- Screen Recorder apps will do everything for you here.

Screen Recorder Apps is comprises of two main apps-  Screen Capture Studio. These are the ultimate tools when you need to capture live videos or recordings on your computer screen. The post below is a brief on why you should count on Screen Recorder Apps.

Screen Capture Studio is designed to capture any kind of live videos from the virtual world. Whether it’s a webinar or a music show or even Skype call- you can capture any kind of online live streaming video with the tool. This way, you can save the captured videos in your computer so that you can catch them later when you are free.

Another great bit about the app is its ability to capture video with inputs from a number of audio devices. You have a powerful screen recorder with audio support here that can record audio from output devices on its own and also enables users to insert their voice-over through microphone- or other input devices.

Apart from capturing live videos online, Screen Capture Studio allows its users to capture recordings on their desktop screen. This way, you can use it to record your tutorials with audio narration and share them with your interns, students or the mass audience online.  Screen Capture Studio will also help you to create cool video blog posts which you can upload with glory on YouTube.

The designed to record game plays to create insightful gaming walk through. You can record your entire game session with the program to brag about your high scores and achievements. The  software even allows you to extract and save special cut scenes from your games in MP4 formats for amazing music videos.

Features of Screen Recorder Apps

  • Able to capture any kind of live streaming videos, including webinars, video calls etc.
  • Able to capture video with audio and voice-over
  • Records high quality 1080 ultra H.D. videos at 60 fps
  • Allows basic editing functions on videos
  • Extremely easy to operate

Useful tips for users

  • When you are capturing game plays through the program, try to capture your expressions through the webcam. It will bring a nice realistic touch to the entire recording.
  • When you want to record your voice over into the capturing video, make sure to turn the microphone icon on before recording.