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There are now many new eateries that visitors can find along the streets, but some have long standing in Bangkok, follow the review below:

1. Methavalai Sorndaeng

This Restaurant has stood for 60 years and become a favorite hangout for many people from the start of the period until now. This place proudly has no change of recipes from the start and is committed to using only top-of-line in the groceries it uses. Occupying an ancient European-style building, the jazz band will play the classic Suntaraporn songs to accompany the diners ‘ dinners. The outstanding dishes that the visitors have to taste are Kra thong tong, chopped chicken and sweet corn that comes with fresh ingredients.
Or visitors can also try the sweet potato treat with spicy salad mixed with lemongrass or Gaeng Kiew wan with curry paste. 

2. Cook Somdej

It stood over eight decades ago with the former owner-chef of Poj Karn, who once worked for the royal family. The chef earned The nickname The Prince Chef. The room design is quite simple but still comfortable and serves food that is arguably delicious. It offers a wide selection of traditional dishes with a price ranging from 60 baths to 200 baths such as Namprik Gapi, Gaeng som (soup with sour and prawn) and Saeng Wa (chili paste with shrimp). Among the most impressive dishes are Khai Jiew (omelet), which is made with chopped lemongrass, and Krob me (sweet crispy rice noodles) which has a beautifully crisp texture with a sweet and sour sauce that is balanced.

3. Baan Pee Lek

Baan Pee Lek may be hidden in Srinakarin but compliments to Moo Sub Pla Kem (minced pork with mackerel) coming from all over Bangkok. With over 30 years of operation, this adorable dining room features a vintage wooden furniture look and a grand piano.
Visitors will also get a good welcome from the owner who likes to dress up like a diva. The food served comes with flavorful races, visitors can choose Moo Sub Pla Kem served with shallots and chili peppers. Or visitors can also try The Gaeng PA, a curry dish for 220 baths which is also one of the best around, seasoned curry perfectly packed with seasonings that includes a wide variety of flavors and eggplant cooked to perfection. 

4. Thon Krueng

Thon Krueng has always been a queue for many visitors who sometimes extend to the path block. Being the right place if visitors wanted to taste the Khai’s Napimrik or a very simple Safu, Khao Pad Na Grik, and Khao Niew Moo, Sa Boed the roast Sabian in the city, then this place was always a most wanted place for his fans. For over 20 years, this meal was served a simple dish of delicacy but satisfying than pulling the pulling of Thai citizens, plus many Japanese expatriates to come back and taste the alternate of the dish of the lawn dish presented.

By palmora