The Internet Is Unilaterally Discontinued Don’t Worry there are still Comfi who can help your call

On Monday, January 7, 2019, I was very disappointed, when I wanted to contact my relatives who were in America with video call media using the XL provider. At that time my internet could not be used because XL asked me to re-register the number even though I had already done it in the previous months. I also re-registered via SMS and had received a reply at 8 am that the number had been successfully registered.

But after re-registration (meaning this is the second registration) it works, my internet still doesn’t work. Email, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms are disconnected. Accessing the web browser was instead rushed to the registration page (even though it had successfully registered via Message).

I also try to register again via a web browser (this means the third registration trial). But after I fill in the data and press the Submit button, the website is down.
I also contacted XL Customer Service at number 817, waited 15 minutes until it was finally appointed, but the CS said it was indeed a network problem and would be fixed as soon as possible. I waited until the next day, Tuesday, January 8 2019, my XL number still cannot be used on the internet. I contact CS via Twitter no response. I called CS 817 but now the phone line is dead.

I gave up using the XL provider, then one of my relatives appealed to use a prepaid phone card from Comfi, at first I was hesitant to try it, but after getting pressure from my relatives, I finally used Comfi, I was very surprised after using Comfi, Comfi very easy to use, at an affordable price and easily contacting my relatives using comfi, thank you comfi for helping me make easy calls without having to wait a long time