Thanks to the invention of Artificial Reality (AR), consumers from all over the world can now buy products they really want. How? The 3D furniture configurator iONE360 is the answer. What is this product and how does the product visualization and configuration platform works actually? You’ll find the answers in this article.
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The rise of Artificial Reality

Artificial Reality (AR) is quite new, but already recognized as a world-changing technology. In the last couple of years it has been used in the gaming industry a lot. Now the retail industry is excited about it. The adoption of the 3D furniture configurator iONE 360 is a good example of that. It makes the online shopping experience more exciting, better and safer, because products can now be viewed from multiple angles.

What are the advantages for marketers?

Everyone who works as an advertiser must motivate people to buy products and/or services. The state of the client depends if he or she wants to buy something, as well as the resources you use as a marketeer or advertiser. The 3D furniture configurator iONE 360 can definitely help with making this task a big success. Why? Because it makes 3D product visualization possible.
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Simply said this means that products can be viewed in real-time. It’s very interactive and customers make better choices because they can view a product from all sides. This is a big advantage that cannot be overlooked.

Visits to physical store no more necessary

The 3D furniture configurator iONE 360 is top-notch modern technology that changes the retail industry forever. Now it’s possible to see a product prior to make an expensive purchase. Usually furniture isn’t cheap, so a customer wants to make the right choice online.
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Thanks to the product visualization & configuration platform, people don’t have to visit a physical store to buy what they really want. Shopping online has become more popular in the past few years, but it’s still a problem that the customer cannot try out a product before buying it. However, things have changed with iONE 360.

What kind of things can be viewed in 3D?

Product visualization is used in several branches. Think about the furniture industry, for example. The 3D furniture configurator iONE 360 really brings the shop alive within seconds. This is good news for companies because it offers a better customer experience. People might return another time to buy more products, which means a higher revenue. Product visualization is not only practical, but also great fun. Who doesn’t want to view a product from all sides in 3D? Welcome to 2021!





By palmora