The 40s are a vulnerable age in a person’s life, where at this age is like a door chosen to enter 50 years of age. It is at that time that the health manifestations of a lifestyle that a person adopts during his life are “harvested”, which includes physical activity, stress levels and especially the habit of consuming food and drugs.

Below is information for owners who are a decade away from entering this golden year.

1. Hard Sports Hard

People who are 40 years old must realize that their physical condition has decreased, so you should not force yourself to do too much exercise. For example, when he was young he was fond of running marathons, tennis, soccer, or extreme sports.

If you are 40 years old, you are still doing this activity, it can cause damage to your knee. According to many cases, not everyone’s body is still strong enough to do strenuous activities. So you should avoid doing too much exercise.

2. No need to go to the fitness center, cleaning the house is enough

Instead of going to the gym which in fact costs hundreds of thousands of rupiah a month – but the sports activity is only a maximum of five hours in one day, and that is done only once a week. This habit is tantamount to overtraining, this is a factor that causes physically people to look old quickly.

Exercise is not necessary every day, unless he is an athlete where training is a risk of his job. But for those of us who are not athletes, there is no need to exercise to overtraining. In addition, the existing fitness equipment is usually only for building certain muscles, but not too significant in providing overall health benefits.

We recommend that at the age of 40 increase your cleaning activities at home. Only by cleaning the house such as sweeping, washing clothes, washing vehicles, and other activities, the movements taken are enough to make you healthy, besides there is the bonus of burning calories.

In fact, exercising is not just to “sweat”, because eating soup mixed with hot chili sauce can also sweat. Staying active is what our bodies need the most. The important thing is not to stay still, always try to move the body.

3. Do not do rock-step reflection

Another thing that people have misunderstood is stepping on a rock while walking barefoot. This activity is considered as a natural way of reflection. But in fact, stepping on gravel should not be practiced in middle age because it has the potential to damage nerves.

Reflection activities that are allowed in health science, the maximum pressure is only 5 kilograms, and that too must be at a certain point on the sole of the foot according to the pain that is felt. Meanwhile, when stepping on gravel, the pressure is all our body weight. This is very dangerous.

Likewise, reflective sandals are widely sold in the market. It’s not good for health, maybe it could even be a potential time bomb for the body.

4. Wear Soft and Comfortable “Branded” Footwear

Age 40 is recommended to always choose branded sandals or footwear (well-known brands). However, the reason is not because of the prestige of the price, but the quality. Branded footwear is usually more soft and comfortable to walk on.

The heel is the part that supports all of our body weight. The older, the less lubricating oil in the knee, the heavier the task of the heel, so it needs to be helped by using comfortable footwear.

Another important consideration in choosing footwear, we must always be vigilant and not to be provoked by advertisements that claim there are sandals to cure various diseases, for example diabetes. Being skeptical is a must if the benefits are felt doesn’t make sense. Even doctors who have been studying for years are still continuously conducting studies on the development of a disease.

5. An example of the Fisherman Lifestyle in Okinawa

It has been widely reported that fishing communities in Okinawa, Japan can be up to hundreds of years old. It’s because of the healthy lifestyle they adopt.

First, from consuming healthy foods, including boiled vegetables, rice with a portion that is not excessive, while the side dishes vary from sea fish, soup, and never consuming fast food such as burgers, french fries, pizza, and other types of junk food.

The second factor is that fishermen in Okinawa also work on a daily basis, but the difference is that the way they work is not slow, they are always grateful, and they are not stressed.

Therefore, after the age of 40 years, eat more protein from fish (not meat). Choose fish that live in corals and deep seas, for example grouper fish, mackerel, because they are more guaranteed to be free from chemical contamination and heavy metals in the sea.

6. Hurry

Last point what we should know, actually the cost to be healthy is only as cheap as walking. It is enough to walk hurriedly (as fast as we can), you will definitely feel the difference. Some of these benefits include expanding the lungs so that they can enter more oxygen, the heart is stronger, and for people who have already had diabetes, there is a possibility that the dose of the drug they consume can be reduced.

Besides walking, cycling and exercise are also good for health. But the benefits are still less than walking. Walking is the most ideal physical activity for those in their 40s.

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By palmora