This is the right time to be serious about getting your programming skills improve. While it is a good step to get on the ball rolling for your advancements in career, becoming one of the high-end programmers in the world is not an easy task. If you say you want to be better, we assume that you understand how better looks like. Moreover, many people out there want to improve without knowing what it takes to be better. For this reason, let us share these actionable guidelines that will help you develop your skills in programming and coding. These pieces of wisdom have been gathered for over three decades in this industry.

1. Remind Yourself About How Much You Should Learn
For you to learn something, you always want to recognize that you don’t know. While it sounds very simple, the experienced programmers always want to remember how much they must work to overcome this personal assumption. For most of those who graduate, they often brag that they are the best. They often end up thinking that they know more than those who are in the industry. However, they are never on the same page when it comes to proving what they do. Be sure you never fall into the trap of allowing your arrogance to erode your learning capabilities.

2. Don’t Prove Yourself Right
You must learn from experience to become a great programmer. However, you must always be careful never to let experience teach us bad things that can be repeated to grow into habits.

Some programmers out there can be more than eight years of experience. In the real sense, they only have the same year of experience for all those years. Look at whatever you do to make it better to avoid that syndrome. Many experienced software developers, as well as the novice ones, look at their programs to wonder how great they are. True programmers look for mistakes because users will always find them in the code.

3. When the code works, it’s where you start
The first thing to do is to write quality programs. Average programmers quit without moving forward, stopping at the end of a program is like waiting for a picture to take itself with your camera. Defining the better means is part of the coding process. Is it easier to document? Is it valuable to make it run faster? Is it reliable? The answer keeps on changing with new applications. However, the process remains the same. You can also use the gartner magic quadrant incident response to improve the quality of your code.

4. Write it three times
Good or experienced programmers write codes that work. Great ones write codes that work excellent. Good software is written three times:

  • First, you write it to prove you know the solution is possible.
  • You make it work for the second tie you write it.
  • You make it work right for the third time you write the code.

    When you look at the work done by good software developers, the level of work is never apparent. What you never realize is that they write their code three times before they release it to the people. You will learn new ways to approach a problem if you write it three times.


By palmora