The computer is an essential part of our lives and if anything we have seen how much we are dependent on it during this pandemic. Some people use it for work purposes, while some use it for academic purposes. We can use it for work purposes, and to stay connected with friends, family, and loved ones. And although you may keep it well-maintained, it is bound to run into issues as time passes by due to various reasons. If you are using an old computer and you need some time to upgrade it, there can be something that you can do to salvage the storage unit until you upgrade it. So, here are some tips from Computer Repair Services Ottawa to get more space in your system.

External Hard Drive- If your computer is old and has issues, you should be worried about the security of the data. Your device can run into issues or stop working anytime, so the ideal option is to back up the important files. A physical hard drive is a good way to save space on your device as it can be readily encrypted with free software to make them extra secure. When you secure the hard drive, only the password holder can access them.

Make Use Of Cloud Storage- Another option to backup the data is by using cloud storage. Reaching out for an external hard drive can be an issue, so the better option here is to choose one from the many cloud option available. If you are opting for OneDrive, it comes with Microsoft Office Suite which has 5GB for free cloud storage for all your files. The only downside of this is that all the Office products will try to force you to save every file on OneDrive, which will eat up the storage quickly. And if you want more storage, you can also pay for it.

Google Drive is another similar and more widely available service since all you need is a Gmail account to access it rather than an office subscription. Google’s document-creating software is fairly advanced, so if you’re mostly working in word-processing, spreadsheets, and slideshows, you can use Google for all your document creation and software needs. And it is generally easy and cost-effective to upgrade more spaces as required in Google Drive. The additional perk of Google Drive is that it allows you to access files directly from your computer, instead of a web browser. The backup and sync option allows you to store the files on the computer and the web.

Free Up The Device- Freeing up the storage system in your device is the best option if you are trying to buy some time before making an upgrade. And as you can see there are many options available to help you reclaim your computer storage. You can make use of multiple storage solutions for different file types and maximize your free options. You also have the option to pay a low monthly fee to put every file that you own in the cloud. Making use of the cloud is safe, secure, and easy to access. So, if you are looking to freeing up space before making an upgrade, this is a great option.

If you notice a pop up that the storage system is full, follow these tips while you’re waiting for an upgrade. Experts from Computer Repair Service Ottawa can help you out if you run into any issues.

By palmora