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In today’s times, search engines are one of the primary drivers of online traffic. The online world is highly competitive and most websites find it difficult to get noticed by their target customers. In such a landscape, a good SEO score ensures visibility and usually translates into higher conversion and profits. 

Therefore, most site owners try different things to improve the SEO ranking of their site. While there are various factors that a search engine considers before ranking a website, the hosting server plays an important role too. 

Today, we will talk about Dedicated Server web hosting services and look at the reasons why it is better for SEO. If you are thinking of buying a Dedicated Server in India, then ensure that you go through these points before making your decision.

In a Dedicated Servers Hosting setup, your website is the sole user of the web server. Therefore, the server’s resources and processing power are dedicated to your site. This offers a range of benefits that helps boost the SEO score of your website as described below.

1: Site Speed

Since 2018, Google announced that it would include site speed in the list of factors considered by it to determine the site rank in the search engine results pages. Even if you think about the user experience, online users tend to abandon websites that take longer to load. This results in higher abandon rates which can hurt your SEO efforts. With Dedicated Hosting plans, since the resources of the server are dedicated to your site, you can be assured of a good site speed.

2: Site traffic management

If the site cannot handle traffic, then the bounce rates can increase and the SEO score can get impacted. With a Dedicated Server, you are better equipped to handle large volumes of traffic compared to shared servers. Therefore, you have an advantage in SEO.

3: Security

In a shared hosting environment, the security of your site depends upon the security of all the users sharing the server. On the other hand, in a Dedicated Server, you are solely responsible for the security of your website. Hence, if you manage it well, a Dedicated Server can offer better site security. This is another essential aspect of SEO ranking.

4: User Experience

A Dedicated Server allows you to create a customized experience for site visitors since you can install any software or applications and make any configuration changes to the server. Better site experience translates into a higher user engagement and offers an advantage in SEO ranking.

The following video demonstrates how Dedicated Server Hosting offers unparalleled performance:

How Does a Dedicated Server Offer Unparalleled Website Performance?

Summing Up

As mentioned above, there are numerous factors that contribute to the SEO rank of a website. Apart from choosing the right hosting plan, you can also look at optimizing images, minifying code, and taking various other steps to boost the SEO score of your site. If you are looking for Dedicated Hosting in India, then ensure that you research the available options and choose the best plan for your site. Good Luck!

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