Price of the Latest Suzuki GSX-R1000 along with other superior features

After the concept was previously displayed at the 2015 E.I.C.M.A event, finally the brand new champion of the Suzuki Motor Corporation, the All New GSX-R1000, was officially launched. The next generation of Suzuki’s supreme caste super bike motorbike, was officially released at the International Motor Bike which took place in the German city of Cologne.

After 3 decades and many GSX-R1000 motorcycles have been sold worldwide. calculated this new generation to be the 6th generation of the first super bike in the world in 2001 ago. Comes with a variety of updates that are so significant, which makes it far better than previous generations.

All New Suzuki GSX-R1000 was born to reinforce the name of the GSX-R which has been so legendary. Which as is known with the GSX-R series has been recognized for its performance and toughness given the frequent motors in this family who won many prestigious world racing events.

The presence of Suzuki’s new iron horse, indirectly made the Suzuki fans become very happy. Especially if you pay attention to the GSX-R1000, it hasn’t been updated for a long time. All New Suzuki GSX-R1000 seems to be an answer to the expectations of fans of Suzuki who crave the new motorbike figure that is more fresh and modern.

The All-New GSX-R1000 2019 has been designed by Suzuki engineers to be the best super bike motorbike in the GSX-R series family and even has become a motorcycle ever made. Various new and sophisticated features possessed by Suzuki have now been embedded in this super motorbike.

Armed with all the revisions and new technological devices, the All-New Suzuki GSX-R1000 2019 model is ready to compete with its existing competitors. Like the Kawasaki Ninja, Honda C.B.R, Yamaha and other motorcycles in its class.

All-New Suzuki GSX-R1000 is released by Suzuki Motor Corporation with 3 color choices to choose from. Namely covering Pearl Mira Red, Metallic Matt Black No.2 and finally Metallic Triton Blue. To find out more about this super bike motorbike the following info about Suzuki GSX-R1000 Specifications and Prices.

The design

The all-new Suzuki GSX-R1000 comes with a sportier and cooler design. Slimmer and more aerodynamic than before to support easy handling and can run faster. The front fairing has been made 13 mm slimmer and the shape of the front of the top has been made more concave to make air flow better into the rider’s hands.

The front is completely new with a sporty headlamp. Still relying on the typical GSX-R Series with a single lamp. But its size is smaller than the previous model. Then what’s interesting in the latest All-New Suzuki GSX-R1000, the headlamp already uses LED lights as lighting so that the maximum lighting. Not only on the right and left side of the headlamp there is a cavity or called the New Suzuki Ram-Air Direct (SRAD) which is useful for flowing air into the air cleaner box. Turn signal separate with modern form.

This Suzuki super bike uses an under yoke handlebar. The fuel tank was redesigned lower and longer backward. 825 mm driver’s seat and made not too low if sorted into the steering handlebar. Ergonomics comfortable but racing aka bent. This motorbike is perfect for riders who crave speed. The back is taper with an LED stop lamp. Turn signal lights separate and fused with hanging fenders.

As basic information, the All-New Suzuki GSX-R1000 super bike has a body length of 2075 mm, width of 710 mm and a height of up to 1150 mm. This super bike has the lowest distance to the ground 130. Then for matters of weight, it is 202 kg. Yes, it is standard for the weight of motorsport today.

Frame and Suspension

All-New Suzuki GSX-R1000 uses a new frame that is stronger and slimmer than before. The Suzuki engineers developed the new Twin Spar Aluminum frame for this new iron horse by reducing its size by 20 mm and reducing its weight by up to 10{ae514a3737d85ea64aeb2cb88bf523835c3e1315e3b3c65ffee7dd6cf13b9d2b} compared to the previous model.

Especially the engine support part, the frame used is made 60 mm wider and stronger, this is useful to reduce the vibrations that occur in the engine when it starts. The location of the rear shock is made more backward behind 48 mm and also finished 20 mm canceled the previous model. This is done to make the fuel tank longer and lower (21 mm from the previous model) can create a fascination for better balance.

The new 2019 GSX-R1000 Super bike uses the new Swing arm Aluminum model which is stronger and also has a longer size than the older genes. Making Suzuki Super bike motorcycles easier to maneuver sharply when cornered. The wheelbase itself is now 1410 mm, up 5 mm from the old gene which is only 1405 mm.

For the front suspension, the All-New Suzuki GSX-R1000 2019 uses a new 43 mm diameter Upside Down suspension (Showa Big Piston Front) which is approved to have more effective damping, when using hard braking at high speeds. The suspension itself can be set as needed.

Mono shock line type rear suspension is also from Showa which has optimal damping at low or high speeds. And this suspension can be adjusted as needed.


rear-mounted Monoshock lin type which is also from Showa has optimal at both low and high speeds. And this suspension can be adjusted damping as needed.

The All-New Suzuki GSX-R1000 uses dual disc brakes that are 10 mm larger than the old gen

320 mm. Still using 4 piston calipers from the Brembo manufacturer. But this time it has also been equipped with Brembo T-Drive for optimal braking. While in the rear sector there is a single disc brake  220 mm. There are also ABS braking devices. The aluminum rims used by this new superbike use a new 6-finger rim that makes handling even better and also makes this motor superbike look more sporty. The tires used are Bridgestone BATTLAX RACING STREET RS10 brand with 120 / 70ZR17 MC (58W) and rear 190 / 55ZR17 MC (75W) sizes.

Engine Performance

The All New Suzuki GSX-R1000 is armed with the latest generation engine from the GSX-R series family. The engine is more sophisticated and expends a lot more power. The engine used is a capacity of 999 cc, 4 cylinders, DOHC. Carrying a bore and stroke size that is larger than the previous generation that is 76 mm x 55.1 mm and has a higher compression ratio also reaches 13.2: 1. For maximum performance, the engine used has adopted several Suzuki Motogp Sport technologies using maximum power Up to 149 kW / 13200 Rpm (202.04ps) with a maximum torque of 117.60 Nm / 10800 Rpm.

To deliver power from the new engine it carries, the latest All New Suzuki GSX-R1000 output 2019 uses 6-speed transmission with a new type of clutch Multi plate wet clutch (SCAS). With the latest engine created by Suzuki engginer, making this supreme superbike has a fast acceleration when driving on the road or on the track.

New Feature

As the latest generation at this time, the All New GSX-R1000 is equipped with various new sophisticated and modern features. Its features are not perfunctory but the most sophisticated features used by the drivers today. This superbike carries the sophisticated Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) adopted from Motogp racing motorcycles that are able to accurately monitor traction, braking and turning capability.

There is also a Motion Track System (Traction Control System) that allows drivers to choose 10 levels of traction settings as needed. The latest Motion Brake System technology that works with IMU to reduce the risk of rear tires being lifted when braking at high speed.

Suzuki Drive Mode Selector (S-DMS), whose settings are on the left handlebar, provides 3 driving mode options for riders. Want to be standard or tight can be chosen as desired. New Low RPM Assist System, monitors and regulates the engine RPM both when take off or even when it is running. This system makes the motor pull lighter. Finally there is the Suzuki Easy Start System which makes the engine run in one press of the starter button.

All of these features can be controlled and monitored by digital instruments with LCD screens. The appearance is clear and easy to read. This instrument has a lot of important information, from the indicators of sophisticated devices to standard information such as speedometer, odometer, trip meter, fuel indicator and others are also available.

Suzuki GSX-R1000 Specifications:


• The overall length of 2075 mm.

• Overall width of 710 mm.

• Overall height of 1150 mm.

• Wheelbase 1410 mm.

• Seat height 825 mm.

• Steering / trail angle: 66.8 ° / 95 mm.

• Weight 202 kg.

• 16-liter fuel tank capacity.

• The lowest distance to the ground is 130 mm.


• 999 cc engine capacity.

• Engine type: 4 Stroke, 4-cylinder, liquid-cooled, D.O.H.C, SR-VVT Variable Valve Timing

• Bore and stroke: 76 mm x 55.1 mm.

• Comparison of compression ratio 13.2: 1

• Lubrication: wet-sump with oil cooler

• Ignition: Electronic ignition

• Fuel Injection fuel system  46 mm with S-DSI (Suzuki Dual-Stage Intake) and S-TFI (Suzuki top feed injection, 2 injectors on the intake funnel)

• Starter System: Electric Starter

• 6-speed constant mesh transmission

• Drive: chain

• Maximum power of 148.60 kW / 13200 rpm (202.04ps)

• Maximum torque of 117.60 Nm / 10800 rpm (86.70lb.ft)

• Clutches: Multi-plate wet clutch

3. framework

• Twin-spar aluminum frame type

• Front suspension: Upside Down fork 43 mm (Showa BPF)

• Rear suspension: Swing arm aluminum with Mono shock (Showa, spring adjustment Pre-load, rebound, rebound in high and low speed.

• Front brakes: Dual Discs  320 mm with Brembo T-Drive

• Rear brake: Single disc  220 mm.

• Front rim: 17 M / C x MT 3.50

• Rear rim: 17 M / C x MT 6.00

• Front tires: 120 / 70ZR17 MC (58W)

• Rear tires: 190 / 55ZR17 MC (75W)

Price of the Suzuki GSX-R1000 – August 2019:

• New Price – £14,195

The All-New Suzuki GSX-R1000 is the latest Suzuki motorbike that was just introduced to the public this year. With qualified specifications, this super bike is ready to challenge its class rivals such as Kawasaki Ninja, Honda CBR, Yamaha.

Speaking of prices, until now there has been no official confirmation or information from Suzuki. Hopefully, the price can be the same as the old model. Yes, even if it goes up, it doesn’t go too far. For your information, the GSX-R1000 was previously priced in Europe at £14,195.

Hopefully, it can add insight and can be a reference for all of you. Thank you for visit.

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