At present, there are already many benefits that can be obtained through the Internet of Things (IoT), ranging from increasing HR efficiency, reducing company budgets, to improving data quality. After knowing the benefits of IoT technology, 3 things need to be prepared to be able to develop and implement IoT technology in Thailand.

Human Resources

For IoT technology to work properly, interactions between IoT devices and humans must work well. IoT will not work optimally if humans cannot operate it properly.

Humans who have the role to make decisions must be able to read information that has been processed by the IoT device. If the user cannot read the information properly, it is possible that the decision made will be in contrast with the expected results. Therefore, preparing human resources to manage IoT devices is a must. By using the DTC Busines Activity Management System (BAMS), IoT performance will work optimally. BAMS software can manage sales, activities, and monitoring of business processes. Through a wireless telephone network that is connected in real-time BAMS, it will automatically store data in a database that can only be accessed by the owner of the Software. If you are looking for a BAMS software at an affordable price, you can visit the DTC sale แอพฝ่ายขาย  (sale Page) at


Thailand must prepare regulations that can simplify the process of developing and implementing IoT technology. Without regulation, developers do not have a legally strong reference to develop and apply IoT technology that is safe for the community. The word “safe” here means reliable and durable. When the government has clear rules regarding the standardization of IoT technology, the developer must adjust the IoT device based on the established rules.

However, problems will arise if the clarity of regulation on IoT technology is still unclear. For example, in the process of developing IoT technology. If the government never sets standards of IoT technology in terms of frequency, level of domestic components and quality, developers will easily be swayed. Developers will wonder what if the IoT devices they make did not match with the government’s regulation about IoT technology standards. This also inhibits the growth of IoT technology.


Whether on an industrial, government or individual scale, to take advantage of IoT technology, infrastructure is crucial. How can you feel the sophistication of IoT technology without a stable, easily available internet network?

On IoT technology, the internet is the heart of the system. To ensure that the system works properly, a stable internet speed is needed. If the internet is unreachable or even unstable, IoT technology will not be worked at maximum. Like your smartphone without a data plan and wifi, of course, smart facilities in a cellphone won’t be able to work optimally, right?


The Internet of things technology in Thailand must be running. That’s because the 4.0 industrial revolution is in sight. Without technological assistance, Thailand cannot pursue the productivity of countries that already use IoT technology. The reason is that IoT can increase productivity. Therefore, three things need to be prepared to ensure the development and implementation of IoT in Thailand runs well. The first is regulation. Second is the infrastructure. And the last is Human Resources. Utilization of IoT technology can be felt starting from individuals to multinational industrial scale. Therefore, ensuring the ongoing development and implementation of IoT technology in Thailand, as done by DTC, will have a positive impact on the country’s future.

By palmora