Every student surely wants to be an outstanding student, smart and have the idea to be able to compete and be the best. If every student is willing and able to make use of the subject matter or knowledge he has acquired, it will be very helpful for students in achieving their goals. Especially if you attend school at the British International School Bangkok St. Andrews, Sukhumvit. International School Andrews in Thailand is part of Cognita, a global school network of more than 60 schools in seven countries. Providing excellent teaching and supporting each child to reach their potential is the foundation of Cognita education. Smart students are often the talk of friends, teachers and the surrounding community.

Do not rule out the possibility, intelligent students are often in the spotlight of television and newspapers. Therefore, some students will try to be brilliant. However, some students oppose this statement.
They are lazy and closed to be intelligent students. This existence, the teachers usually have a special way so that each student wants to study hard to become intelligent students.

Here are some tips on how to become a brilliant student:

  1. Every student must have a diligent attitude
  2. Every student must have a disciplined attitude to themselves
  3. Every student must have an attitude of respect for mothers, fathers, and teachers
  4. Every student must have an active attitude in every curriculum taught
  5. Every student must be able to maintain the appearance of himself
  6. own
  7. must believe in your potential to be successful in the world of education.
  8. Willing to be responsible as a student who will become the foundation of the family; society; religion; nation; and country.
  9. Wanna give full support to the lessons while following the teachings of the teacher.
  10. wanna make plans for daily material and preparation for daily tests.
  11. Always ready in the face of various forms of examinations or practicums held by the school and the government (national exams).
  12. Want to provide the need for learning equipment such as manuals, exercise books, stationery, and other needs.
  13. Want to keep the study time set by each school, for example coming to school on time and returning to follow the justified time. This will train students to become disciplined. If this attitude of discipline has been embedded in the psyche of students, then it is very easy for students to discipline themselves while learning.
  14. If you cannot enter school for a certain reason, want to find and summarize the material left behind. For example, if a student is sick and cannot attend school, he will borrow a book from his friend to summarize the material that was passed later. Or even ask for a brief explanation to the teacher during a break at school or in the classroom during the next lighting material.

As brilliant students are often called by schools to represent subject competitions. The competition can include the school level, between schools, even the national level. Hopefully, these tips to become brilliant students can be applied by students who dare to take the challenge of maintaining their achievements.

By palmora