If you own a business that has company cars that different drivers use on a regular basis, whether they’re squad cars for your police force or service vehicles for your business, it’s important that you do everything in your power to make sure that your staff behind the wheel is safe. So to help you in accomplishing this goal, here are three tech upgrades to include in your next company car. 

A Dash Camera

Having a dash camera installed in each of your company cars can be great for multiple reasons. First, it will help remind your staff that what they’re doing when they’re behind the wheel is being monitored, which may make them think twice about speeding or breaking other rules of the road.

Along with this, Cory Gunther, a contributor to ReviewGeek.com, shares that having a dash camera can also be great protection for you if you are to get in some kind of car accident. Having actual footage of what happened can help you fight lawsuits or disprove negligence on the side of your employees. Knowing both of these things, it’s a good idea to either purchase a company car that comes with a dash cam option or install a dash camera in each of your company cars after you purchase them.  

Sensors For Easier Parking

Whenever you’re driving in a vehicle that isn’t yours, it always takes a minute to get used to how this car handles. This can be especially important when it comes to getting the car into tight spaces or parking, as you may not know how close you can get to something without hitting it.

Because of this, NerdWallet and SmallBusinessTrends.com advise that every company car that’s shared between employees has parking sensors. With parking sensors, the vehicle will alert you if you are getting too close to anything on any side of your car. This way, your staff can feel much more confident in their ability to safely park the company car without hitting or scraping anything.  

A More Adjustable Driver’s Seat

It’s very unlikely that each staff member within your company will be the same height and size. As a result, each person will have to change the settings of the driver’s seat each time they get in the company vehicle. 

To make this easier for everyone, Jon Linkov, a contributor to Consumer Reports, suggests getting a company car that has powered seat adjustments and that includes possible adjustments like lumbar support. This way, every person who gets behind the wheel will be comfortable and safe when on the road.

If you’re wanting to provide your staff with company cars that are safe and easy to drive, consider getting vehicles with the above-mentioned tech the next time you’re ready to make an upgrade. 

By palmora