As we all know a website has many sources that can bring visitors to their website. One of the most visitors is an organic search through Google. But being the highest in a Google search is not easy. Statistics say that 83{ae514a3737d85ea64aeb2cb88bf523835c3e1315e3b3c65ffee7dd6cf13b9d2b} of organic search ranks 4th in the first page in one category on search engines. That is why to reach the first place on the first page of Google certainly requires considerable effort. You can go to to get the best SEO services so that your website ranking can increase rapidly in the search engines.

Well, the following 4 strategies you can use to increase your website’s ranking in search engines:

  1. Understand that content change is king

Google is not a search engine that only uses 1 algorithm for good. Google always updates the algorithm when there are changes or developments in various fields. This also makes our content must be able to adapt according to Google’s latest algorithm. Unique content you must create so that every business marketing activity runs well. But still, the content that will be included in Google must be able to adapt to Google’s new algorithm in order to be able to rank best on Google.

  • Using 5 specific strategies in creating content

There are 5 strategies that must always be used and implemented in creating friendly content on Google. That is:

  • Ensuring that you are already using keywords that many people are looking for.
  • Create content that is durable.
  • Using pictures.
  • Optimize content with a landing page.
  • Improve meta description.
  • Know that publishing content must be consistent

There are no rules that require us to post content once a week or even every day. But make sure you are always consistent in posting any good content articles, images or videos in the promotional media that you use. With this consistency, you can achieve the best position on Google.

  • Next, consider the role of social media

Google is indeed very strong in helping to improve website ranking. But using social media as support must also be done. The function of social media itself must be in line with the objectives of the search engine, which is to improve website ranking and make the website reach the first rank.

Well, for that you need to always pay attention to how the content that you create at this time. Until he influences the ranking and position of websites in search engines. Because if you do not pay attention, of course, you will be difficult to reach the position you want.

By palmora