The company does not prohibit side business for employees as long as they are positive. However, not all employees choose not to have a part-time job for various reasons. One of them is reducing capital.

But in reality, there are also companies that can be run as supporting businesses with limited capital. Below are 6 business ideas with affordable capital.

1. Emergency services

Currently, many workers and students in the Kasawan area practice after recording and ironing clothes. Just give this opportunity to those of you who want to start a laundry service.

The first thing to think about is to think about the market. As the administrator said, it is better to look for a place where there are many students and civil servants. Because students and staff are the biggest stakeholders in this service. For those of you who are looking for lead generation to grow your business, you can try the lead conversion squared software

2. Selling electricity pulses

Pulse sales are a very promising business idea due to a large number of mobile users. If you want to build a business loan, the first step is to choose an electronic loan. Unless it is a card that takes up space, the electrical impulses can easily be activated via a cell phone.

3. Sell food for breakfast

Providing food for breakfast is a great business idea for you. Quite a number of employees/workers/students who have to get up early before breakfast. You can use the front page to sell this food. Or you can give your coworkers a menu so they can send messages. If you are married, you can work with your spouse.

4. Create a blog

Whether you realize it or not, blogs have been trending for five years. Here’s how you can do blogging as a job to make extra money.

5. Open an online shop

Like blogging, creating an online store has also become a trend in 2016. One of the reasons is the current shopping style of society which has begun to change online shopping.

You can sell your own items or other items. The physical items sold by online shop players are clothing, local crafts, bags, shirts and accessories. Popular digital items for sale include software, e-books, plugins, themes, music, and video tutorials.

6. Graphic design services

Having knowledge of graphic design means that you can create skills that will take an extra stage if you want and want. For example, you can design services for business cards, clothing, logos, mascots, posters, kiosks, and interiors.

Here are 6 business possibilities. Choose the one according to your background and interests. Don’t forget to make a business plan so that you can run a side business well without the productivity of your job as an employee.

By palmora