Advantages of using AI at ports and airports

Whether it is people transiting between airports or cargo loads traveling from one port to another, time matters in both cases. The best ports have implemented a cargo inspection system that relies on AI to check cargo contents in real time. There is no need to unload the cargo as these systems use advanced X-ray technology that can analyze the entire contents of the container. Airports also often deploy an AI inspection system capable of analyzing passengers’ luggage as it slides through the scanner. The security agent does not need to stop and carefully check each piece of luggage. They can do so visually and, if AI detects suspicious material, it will issue an alert. This helps prevent the security agent from getting exhausted and allows them to check more luggage in less time.

Time is money

Airport security agents cannot allow passengers to miss a flight because of problems during the security screening. If cargo is not released from the port in time, companies that need that cargo could incur losses. With the implementation of a cargo inspection system with AI technology, the screening of any goods or baggage is more versatile, faster, and more accurate. For example, when passengers’ luggage goes through the scanner, the security agent has to review what they see on the screen. This requires the agent to reverse the belt to check again. With the help of AI, the agent is more confident that nothing will be missed and therefore does not need to slow down the belt. This ensures that the contents of the luggage or cargo are checked completely, without wasting time opening suitcases or containers.

Privacy is respected

Ever felt embarrassed when your luggage was inspected and they saw your underwear? Only because the security agent wasn’t sure what they saw on the screen. Privacy is a sensitive issue that both airports and ports need to know how to respect. Not all passengers carry illegal or hazardous materials, nor do all companies import or export prohibited goods. It is not fair to affect other people because of the faults of a few. An AI inspection system reduces the need to check baggage or cargo that shows no signs of containing anything illegal or prohibited. Not only does it streamline the screening process at security checkpoints, but it also respects the privacy of those individuals and companies who are focused on doing things right. AI technology saves headaches for security officers, passengers, and companies moving goods.

By palmora