Airscreen is a type of advanced app. Sometimes you may know what is the need of the here mentioned app. The application is a type of cable-less transmission of the protocol. That is for the receiver for the android. And even this is the Airscreen app that can be used for the above-stated task. While you have this Airscreen app you could make use of that with your own family. There are local networks of connections. The app allows you to use such network connections  surrounded by you without any restriction. 

Here the app can be used with your beloved. So there is a specific method. With the help of this Airscreen app, you are allowed to share your screen, photos, and videos with others instantly. It would take a few seconds to do that work. Apart from that, even the working procedure of the app is super easy too. If you have already worked with the app, you know it’s all specifications. The reader has an idea about the main function performed by the app called the Airscreen. Apart from the given here facts, there is much more. 

The latest version of the airscreen apk is 1.9.2. And you have to make sure that you are installing the latest version of the app while installing. The Airscreen app can be better known as an app for entertainment. So that can be classified by those groups. Seriously if you have a desire to work with the app, certainly you have to be with the device along with the android version of the 5.0 or else upward. The reader knows all the basic facts related to the Airscreen app. Then we would focus on the basic features of the application. 

Features of the Airscreen app

  • Multiple transmission protocols 

Those are the supportive provided by the application here. This application here provided multiple functions for any protocols. Therefore while the companionship with the application you don’t want any cable less display to use with your own device. That is the main use of this application. 

  • Multiple compatibilities 

The app here can be used with many more operating systems. Apart from the basic facts, the appliance could be utilized with the other main operating system. Thereby the user of the app could experience more fun. Get enjoyed with the app as much as you can. 

  • Supportive for multiple applications 

Here the Airscreen app mainly supports many more applications. Examples for such apps are chrome, YouTube and safari, and more others too. Apart that the popular and here stated application is supported for other popular client apps. By that, the user could get more useful functions. 

  • Recording of the screen 

In any situation you can record the screen. In such instances that you are playing, you are able to record it. Therefore at any time, you won’t miss any precious moments here. Even though you won’t miss any content that you have to be collected. 

  • Transmission is encrypted 

Your privacy details and other all privacy is protected while using this app. While sharing the photos and images you will protect your privacy always. That is the main factor that you should select the Airscreen for your library. 

  • More other advantages 

Apart from the listed advantages above, there are many more ones here. Video hardware Accelerating is one of those. By this feature, the efficient nature of the app has increased than ever. With the fact, the users are capable to obtain the working mode on the background as well as the images on the superb quality too. And the personalization feature is for the device name too. 

Those are the main features included in an app like the Airscreen. Apart from them there are some more newly added features here. This chance is to explore the newly added ones. 

What’s new with the latest version? 

  • The DLNA system is now with many more features. Out of the many features are newly added ones 
  • The background service mode option have shifted to the Pro version of the Airscreen app 
  • The existed performance have improved than previous 
  • The performance and stability functions have improved 

The all features and facts stated here are related to the app caller Airscreen. If the reader hasn’t used it previously this is your chance to explore the performance of the app. 

By palmora