If you remember this moment at the end of 2020, I really want to beat / defeat myself and my partner. Many aspects are not taken into consideration – as a result we are disappointed, lost, struggled and frustrated.

While the immaturity of these plans makes business travel more exciting (and challenging, of course), it’s also a shame to remember the neglect that comes from taking important things for granted.

If you are in the process or are currently unfolding the story above, I suggest setting aside 10-15 minutes to read this article. If you are going to open a coffee shop, you can use this article to think about or improve some things.

I hope the aspects that I have mentioned in this article make you wiser and more successful than me.

The Mind Style

Why did you decide to open a cafe? In any discussion on this topic, I often find the answer:

I want to share good coffee with many people

I found my passion for coffee, and I felt comfortable with people in the coffee community.

I see the coffee industry as has the potential and the opportunity for rapid growth and is a boon for many people.

I want to have a business where friends, family and people from different economic and social classes meet.

Reasons like these also inspire me to keep the cafe open and functional. While that doesn’t mean people with this mindset will make sure to fulfill it, I think it’s a good start.

Also, make sure that the aforementioned lofty reasons are stronger than just the desire to get rich quick and then to have a passive income. It is not wrong to want to make a profit with a coffee shop, but if your mental situation is wrong, you can become a stumbling block to your business when faced with challenges.

If you share friends, or have investors, try to discuss them first. Align goals and commitments before you start. Is this business built to last forever? Or made for a day to sell? Also discuss the exit plan outline if work does not go as expected.

Have this discussion in advance and make some regular adjustments. I wanted to pour hot coffee on one of my partners because I was upset. Although it turned out to be a misunderstanding.

Why did you decide to open a cafe? Write this clearly, so you can always rethink your business trip.

Team, culture, and vision

This is very important. You could say that’s the main thing I regret not knowing in the first place.

In Jim Collins’ book from Good To Great, he mentioned that the first step to building a great organization is to become a humble, professional leader.

The second step is to fill the team with the right people. Understanding the right person means someone who is disciplined and has a personal fit with you.

The third step is building a culture of honesty and openness. This culture is essential for your organization to be a constructive and ready workplace for any challenge.

Before defining a vision, creating a business model or creating a brand, the three things mentioned above are top priorities. Because no matter how complex your business blueprint, all of this will be wasted if your team isn’t that strong.

Just discussing strategy will make you want to give up, especially when you turn it on later. Not to mention if someone just offended a little. Tired ah.

Try studying this link so you can learn more details -> Business for Beginners.

If so, let’s discuss the strategy!

Look at the wallet

They may be perfect, but they must be realistic. As an initial strategy, try to check each other’s wallets. Double check if the savings / money you provide is sufficient to open an internet cafe.

First, I describe the needs and costs of opening a coffee shop:

Brand design – IDR 20 million

Interior design – IDR 20 million

For Rent – IDR 90 million

Construction – IDR 200 million

Coffee machine – IDR 85 million

Other equipment and machinery – IDR 45 million

Single-use equipment – IDR 10 million

Tableware – IDR 10 million

Research, development and training – IDR 5 million

Salary – IDR 50 million

Physical Shopping – IDR 10 million

Cashier, CCTV, Sound System – IDR 15 million

Others – IDR 29 million

Add strength – IDR 20 million

Internet – IDR 2 million

Decors and plants – IDR 8 million

Staff uniform and apron – IDR 3 million

Trade license – IDR 12 million

Total – IDR 635 million

I made the numbers above based on average arithmetic if you want to build a coffee shop with ergonomic interior, attractive branding design and good drive.

By palmora