If you’re always working, then you need a digital companion that can keep up. However, if you’ve seen the Google Play Store, you know that your options are overwhelming. What aspects of your life do you need help with? What kind of app will you help you with your daily duties?

If you want to speed up your selection process, here’s a rough compilation. This is, of course, dependent on your phone’s performance. For busy bees in the Layton area, businesses such as Bad Apple Repair provides phone repair services for Samsung units and ensures that your phone, just like you, remains active throughout the day. Here are functionalities that your phone should have, regardless of your career.

Apps for communication

The ideal messaging app allows you to be connected at all times by supporting encrypted messaging, group scheduling, buffer-free video calls, and teleconference over data or wireless Internet. You should also be able to quickly share files that automatically connect to cloud storage for seamless syncing across all your devices.

Depending on the bulk of work, a clean and streamlined messaging app where you can pin, archive, and customize privacy settings of threads. It won’t hurt to have stickers, emojis, and GIF add-ons!

Apps for task management

Such an app should be hefty since it can do various daily tasks. These include calendar integration for quick appointment scheduling, a checklist or everyday agenda function, and note-taking with voice-to-text capability.

You should also be able to categorize tasks depending on the project type, or on where they are in the pipeline. The ability to add collaborators will help if your work is team-based.

Apps for reading

Plenty of reader apps support various file types such as e-books, PDFs, rich-text files, and others. However, the best of them should be able to allow annotations, open editing, seamless syncing, and e-mail and cloud accessibility so that you can easily send documents.

It also helps if it has a built-in scanner function, but you can get a separate app for this. Intuitive scanner apps can digitize physical documents to different formats and can even detect and translate language, spell-check, and solve basic math equations.

App for editing photos and videos

Photo and video-editing apps are usually expensive because they’re for highly creative professional use, but there are also cheap or even free ones that cover the fundamentals.

A photo or video-editing app should let you enhance, crop, sharpen, and add text or audio to a photo or a video clip. You should also be able to fix the focus, echo, exposure, and color, and optimize the final output for social media or cloud-sharing.

App for deep work

Productivity apps are the last key to managing your workload as they help you maintain focus by deferring constant phone use throughout the day. These apps provide a customizable countdown timer based on the Pomodoro productivity technique and give timely alarm reminders when it’s time to work. They can also block individual apps or gamify the experience by rewarding you after a long sprint of work.

Lots of apps focus on a particular aspect of work. You need one to record long audio, listen to e-books and podcasts, or look after specific aspects of your health like sleep patterns, menstrual cycles, and water intake. Productivity is what you make of it. Regardless of the result, there’s undoubtedly an app for it!

By palmora