Are you planning to try Forex trading? If so, there is one thing you should do first. You have to find a broker who can help you buy or sell on the Forex trading platform. Currently, From Them, you can find a lot. However, this time we will learn about the Axe Capital Forex broker. So here’s our Axe Capital Review 2022.

About Axe Capital

Axe Capital is a broker that uses knowledge, reasonable investment and innovation principles to run its services. This company has been around for years. They have built long term relationships with many customers from many countries in the world. Due to this principle, the company has also created an environment where everyone can comfortably trade Forex. Below will explain it further.

Axe Capital Features

This broker offers various features and advantages to its clients. As we mentioned earlier, one of the benefits is the multi-language feature. Axe Capital provides multiple languages ​​that you can use on its platform. Apart from that, they also have customer service available in your native language. Therefore, if you call them asking for a solution to your trading problem on their platform, you can understand their guide more easily.

To trade using the Axe Capital platform, you can choose from different types of trading accounts. Ax Pamm, Ax Season, Ax Sprint, Ax Intellectual, and Ax Pro Invest are the accounts. Each has different features and advantages.

What about deposits? For a basic account or Axe Pamm, the deposit amount you have to enter before using the account is $250 at least. In addition, if this is your first time using Axe Capital’s services, you will also receive a 200% welcome bonus. Therefore, you will earn at least $500 to start your trading.

As for other accounts, here is the deposit amount that you must enter before you can use the account:

  • Axe Season – $10,000
  • Axe Sprint – $50,000
  • Intellectual Axe – $100,000
  • Axe Pro Invest – $500,000

Apart from that, you can also get other bonuses from this broker. For example, you get a Birthday Bonus, 1 Trade on Us bonus when you decide to close your account, and a Pending Bonus which you will get once you accumulate a certain number of trading points.

As for the trading platform, you will not use the standard MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 which many brokers use. Axe Capital creates and provides the platform they designed. The platform is optimized to work with the Axe Capital system. You may need to learn more about it if you are familiar with MT4 and MT5. However, it won’t be long before you get the hang of it and use it as your regular trading platform.

What Should the Best Brokers Look Like?

Apart from the list of the best brokers above, there are many other broker lists. However, apart from this, it is important to consider a few things in choosing the top 10 brokers in the World in 2022. Here are some tips:

Help Service

Having help that is easily accessible, especially when experiencing difficulties, is certainly an advantage. Therefore, having a broker who can support and provide answers to users’ doubts will be better. For example, users can easily contact brokers by phone, email, helpdesk, and forums.

The safety

This factor is certainly a mandatory criterion in choosing a broker. Reputation and assurance that your money is in the right place is everything in the world of trading. Therefore, make sure that the broker of your choice is registered with the relevant legal entity. The following is a list of relevant legal entities in several countries:

  • United States (NFA and CFTC)
  • England (FCA)
  • Switzerland (SFBC)
  • Germany (BaFIN)
  • France (AMF)

Transaction Fee

Every transaction you make at a broker will of course be subject to a transaction fee. However, it is important to consider the amount of the fee so that you don’t spend a nominal that is too large just for admin fees. However, for some users, the amount of transaction fees following the broker’s features and security guarantees is not too much of a problem.

Order Execution or Order Fulfillment

Make sure to choose a broker that provides the right service regarding the price of the customer’s order. For example, when the market is in normal conditions, the broker must also fulfil the customer’s order at the appropriate price.

Wrapping Up

Now, we believe that you understand what Axe Capital can do and provide you with for your trading needs. Make sure you have everything ready and planned before you decide to use this broker. Once you do that, it is a sign that trading starts here.

By palmora