A cooler box is must-have equipment to keep food and drinks fresh during a picnic or camping. You can store food, drink, fruit, and fish ingredients to keep them fresh. The large selection of cooler boxes on the market might confuse you. But, you don’t have to worry.

In this article, we will provide tips on choosing a cooler box for your various needs.

How to choose a cooler box

The choice of the cooler box can be different depending on the tastes and needs of the user. Please check the points of how to vote below to find out in more detail!

Choose the type of cooler box according to your needs and intended use

In terms of rice, cooler boxes are divided into two types, namely the hard type and the soft type. Pay attention to the features of each of the following types and choose the one that suits your needs.

Hard type, contains a lot of food and drinks so it is suitable for outdoor activities

When talking about cooler boxes, the most popular and durable types are the hard type. This cooler box has an airtight material and optimal cold insulation. Thus, the temperature and freshness of your food and drinks will be maintained longer.

This type of cooler box usually has high durability and is ideal for various outdoor activities. You can even use it as a table or chair when camping or fishing. However, hard type cooler boxes tend to be heavy and take up a lot of space. Therefore, consider the storage and transportation space you want to use.

Soft type, easy to carry and suitable as a cooler bag when shopping

If you want a cooler box that is lightweight and easy to carry, please choose this type. Because it is light and easy to carry, this cooler box is suitable for picnics or daily use. Anyone, including seniors, will have no trouble carrying it!

Besides, this type of cooler box on average can be folded for easy storage. Besides not requiring much space, you can use it as an emergency bag for food storage in case of disaster. Keep in mind, because of its low cold resistance, this type is only suitable for short-term use. You can also use it as a replacement for a cooler bag to store frozen food while shopping.

Electric cooler box

as quoted from https: //www.elektrischekühlbox.de, Cooler box with compressor works with closed circuit and gas refrigerant. The principle is the same as the refrigerator. The compressor compresses the coolant, then the coolant melts and becomes vapor again. This process extracts heat from the cooler. The compressor cooler can cool the interior to minus ten degrees, depending on the model. Compressor chillers can be equipped with a voltage of 12, 24, 110, and 230 volts. Often different power connections are available, so the cooler can be operated from a normal household socket as well as from the car’s mains connection. There are models A +++ and A +, you should always choose a model that is more energy-efficient so that electricity and money are saved in the long run. The less electricity is needed, the easier the box will be to operate

Advantages of compressor cooler box:

individually adjustable temperature

  • Cooling to -10º is possible
  • different energy classes available (A +++, A ++, A +)
  • equipped with a bottle basket or sorting basket
  • reliable cooling

The disadvantages of compressor chillers:

  • relatively high dead weight
  • not always quiet (similar to a refrigerator)
  • a little more expensive to buy

Choose based on the ability of the insulating material to maintain temperature

Cooler boxes have different abilities to maintain temperature. This depends on the type of insulation used. In the following, we will describe some of the insulation materials on the cooler box.

First, the insulation from Styrofoam. This material has a light character and is quite affordable. This type is suitable for home use and small outings because of its low cold resistance. Especially if you rarely use a cooler box, a Styrofoam-based insulator is ideal.

Second, urethane foam insulation. Urethane foam can store cold better than previous types. This cooler box can maintain cold for one night so it is suitable for you to carry camping. Preferably, choose products with very airtight lids or materials that are 3 cm thick and above.

Third, products with high-end insulators, namely vacuum insulation panels. Even though it looks slim, this material has the best ability to maintain the temperature. You can even reduce the number of ice packs that are used to cool the cooler boxes. This type is perfect for fishing in the sun or camping for days. Even though the price is quite high, this type is worth buying, especially for those of you who often do outdoor activities.

Pay attention to the cooler box’s ability to maintain temperature

The quality of the insulation on a cooler box can be seen from how many days the cooler box can maintain cold temperatures. The number of days is an estimate of the time it will take for the ice in the cooler box to melt at 20 ° C. The longer the cooler box’s ability to maintain cold temperatures, usually the higher the price.

However, it should be noted that this figure is only a general estimate. Usually, cooler boxes only have the capacity of about 50% –60% of the number of days written on the product description. If the listed cold storage power is five days, the cooler box could only last about three days. So, adjust the cooler box’s ability to maintain temperature according to your type of activity.

Choose a capacity that suits your usage and number of people

The supplies needed for one adult are about 4 liters for a day trip and 15 liters for a day and night. Meanwhile, for children, the capacity is approximately half that of adults. However, also adjust the supply capacity to the needs and number of people on your trip.

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