CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, expects Google’s expansion this year to create thousands of construction jobs across the U.S. It will be expanding into Ohio, Texas, Nevada, and Nebraska, spending $13 billion on data centers and business offices. It also intends to double its existing workforce in Virginia and expand its New York campus.

A Wider Google Presence

Pichai wrote in a blog post that this new investment means Google will have a presence in 24 states and its data centers will be established in 13 communities. By expanding to other parts of the U.S., jobs will be more accessible throughout more cities and towns.

This is the second year that growth will be focused outside of the Bay area. Pichai did not specify how many jobs will be available in the data centers or when the new offices are expected to open.

Apple Expands Too

The announcement of Google’s expansion plans did not come long after Apple announced plans for expansion in Austin, including building a new campus site for $1 billion. The mobile tech giant is planning new sites in San Diego, Seattle, and Culver City. It will also expand its operations in New York, Colorado and Pittsburgh over the next few years.

It already employs 90,000 people and plans to add 20,000 jobs in the U.S. by 2023. Additionally, the company plans to spend $10 billion on data centers in the U.S. over the next five years, with those in Nevada, North Carolina, and Arizona are already being expanded.

While Apple is unlikely to bring iPhone manufacture back to the U.S., despite Trump’s urging, the tech giant does make a significant contribution to domestic jobs.

Effect On The Construction Industry

Google’s expansion is good news for the construction industry which has always been one of the top revenue-generating industries. Despite the scope and size of the industry, it always changes and adapts to current social and economic climates.

The construction industry faces several challenges, such as a shortage of skilled labor and uncertainty around raw material trade and various tariffs. However, many construction firms are confident they will be able to meet the challenges faced in 2019.

Benefits For Manufacturers

Manufacturers are also hoping to take advantage of the opportunities in construction. A phosphor bronze flat washers manufacturer, for example, makes phosphor bronze washers that offer a number of advantages in construction, such as resistance to fatigue, wear, and chemical corrosion. Such fasteners are relevant to structural applications as well as the assembly of equipment on which many modern businesses rely.

Washers of all kinds, such as flat washers, are used to distribute the load of a screw or nut, so a fastener will not break when it has to bear weight. Modern manufacturing plants are able to produce washers and shims to exact customer specifications and it’s possible to produce such washers with a 5 to 7-day turnaround.

Final word

In 2018 commercial construction was red hot in some segments in the U.S., including the building of data centers and hotels. This year the trend could continue, especially when taking Google and Apple’s expansion plans into account.

By palmora