Maybe not many of us take seriously cryptocurrency, some only consider euporia only and only the wind passes. But inevitably this new type of asset has become a portfolio of elites including individuals and institutions.

Just say recently one of the biggest companies in the world, Facebook, released a cryptocurrency whitepaper that they called Libra. No half-hearted top players like Visa, Master Card, Paypal, Spotify, Uber and others join their consortium.

This step is the biggest since the advent of bitcoin in 2009, besides that there is also Tokens, is one of the biggest cena bitcoin in Poland with a supply of up to: 18 million BTC, then there are also in 2018 companies like Telegram has 250 million users choosing not to IPO but releasing their cryptocurrency and blockchain, and Bank JP Morgan which released their stable coin called stablecoin.

Cryptocurrency Will Replace the Stock Market

With the Security Token Offering (STO) feature, companies can go public without going through the Exchange, this will save a lot of money, and allow their tokens to be traded quickly and reach many people.

The owners of Cryptocurency are more than investors in the world

Data from the Stock Exchange as of December 2018 shows that there are 851,662 investors in the world who have stock assets. While data from Crypto has more than 10 million people in the world who have Cryptocurrency Assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tezos and others. Of course this data is very surprising because the stock market in the World which has stood for decades can be competed by a cryptocurrency that only appeared in the last few years.

Forex and Stock Traders have switched to Cryptocurrency

Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts make the supervisory body as the regulator of futures trading legalize it, even though it was said to be illegal but the people’s desire cannot be limited.

Now many futures brokers have difficulty finding customers because people prefer to buy cryptocurrecy rather than futures such as forex, gold and oil.

This is also evidenced by foreign futures brokers such as FXCM, IQ OPTION, OANDA and others choosing to present cryptocurrency assets on their platforms, so that customers do not leave them.

Why did it happen?


The large number of people who have cryptocurrency shows that people trust more in assets that are not controlled by a handful of people.

Decentralized nature of cryptocurrency makes it belong to everyone. Anyone can have it, send and receive without the approval of any party. This is a tool to reclaim freedom and what is our right as a society.

Potential Benefits

It is undeniable that cryptocurrency is proven to provide unreasonable benefits, this is a reason for many people to compete to have it, assets that have been designed with computer mathematical codes make the number limited and can only be produced with rules that have been set.

Having cryptocurrency assets can be done in 5 minutes, you only need to download the application, exchange dollars to crypto and so on. It does not need to be lengthy, this is inversely proportional to stock and forex investment, where many processes and verification must be passed, even we must require third party approval in order to start investing.

What you need to watch out for

Beware of Fraud

The ease of investing in Crypto currency assets is also an opportunity for unscrupulous individuals on behalf of certain coins. Like those who promise benefits, including the Multi Level Marketing cryptocurrency system that is now emerging in the community.

Besides that there is also an ICO (initial coin offering) that allows people to release their coins, this needs to be beware because not all crypto have value.

If there are parties who promise definite profits, then they are certainly cheats, never trust those who are like that.

Beware of Hackers

Hackers will target our computers, laptops and cellphones with the aim of stealing the data that we have including assets such as cryptos currency. By not installing applications carelessly is an effective preventative step, besides installing an antivirus that is up to date will also make it difficult for hackers to master our important data.

By palmora