Once in a while, a health trend takes the world by storm. Recently, the craze has been for kratom, a Southeast Asian evergreen. Kratom has become an established ingredient in herbal supplements, as the leaves allegedly contain a cornucopia of useful properties. Online sellers such as Sacred Kratom carry products containing different kratom strains. Customers must confirm for themselves which one will best meet their needs.

An Ancient Remedy

For centuries, kratom has been a traditional medicine in areas where the tree is endemic. Kratom’s indigenous uses run the gamut from local anesthetic to a general painkiller and digestive aid to appetite suppressant. Thai truckers and laborers are also known to consume kratom to keep focused through their long, strenuous shifts.

Coffee’s Distant Cousin

For lots of us, there comes a point in the day when everything starts to feel like a never-ending slog. For a perk, most people go to their percolators, but they can pay a high price come the evening. Kratom can give you the gentle jolt you need to get up and go, and do it gladly, without the typical side effects of caffeine. A mild dose of green kratom can enhance your mood and sharpen your mind, while white kratom is better for brute strength. Or, for a happy medium, a hybrid Maeng Da variety may be just the thing.

Feel No Pain

You might be surprised by the number of people who go through life in a state of constant pain. Many have suffered for so long that they’ve grown completely used to it. A moderate measure of kratom, especially of a sedative red strain, can relieve chronic pain and discomfort which people have lived with for years. Although kratom is not a true opioid, it does share some similar characteristics, to the point that increasing numbers of self-treating opioid users credit kratom for successfully managing their notoriously nasty withdrawal symptoms.

As more research is conducted on the effects of kratom, the day may come when the whole world will recognize the broad range of benefits this plant has to offer.

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