Approaching the coding world, especially when front-end related, has never been easier. With an almost endless amount of data available online, learning the three major languages (HTML, CSS and general Javascript) is almost noob-proof. Are these the only skills required to become a front-end developer in 2019? Let’s analyse how to approach the front-end development world in 2019. 

Languages, In Detail

As mentioned above, HTML, CSS and Javascript are the main languages required to start in the front-end development world. These are, in fact, programming languages which will put you in a place to build a simple, but well-performing website. From these, Javascript is definitely the hardest one to learn, given the fact that is a proper rendering language and, therefore, it requires advanced math knowledge in order to be properly accessed from a student (or an expert, eventually) point of view. HTML and CSS are, on the other side, pretty easy to understand and, in some IDE such as Visual Studio Code, they’re easily accessible from the control panel. 

Do You Need To Know CMS?

CMS like WordPress, Shopify and Magento have become extremely popular in the past couple of years. If you’re trying to approach a career in the development world, especially if front-end related, your first choice will eventually fall onto digital agencies, which are heavily relying on CMS-based sites architectures. It’s important, therefore, to top your coding knowledge with a detailed understanding of these architectures in order to build yourself all the skills required to properly develop and customize a CMS-based website.

Portfolio > CV

For what concerns the development world, your CV means nothing. Everyone is, in fact, able to write a couple of buzzwords related to coding languages but putting them into practice is a completely different thing. With this being said, preparing a portfolio which showcases your practical knowledge when it comes to building websites or native applications is essential to secure you a position in the short time frame. Building a good portfolio requires, also, a minor but significant business sense: building commercially looked-after sites is vital to gather the attention of companies which are hiring developers.

Know The Mobile World

If you’re approaching a big company for your wanted development position, you should keep in mind how important is to understand a site’s behaviour when applied to mobile. Many app developers and every Alexa developer are working together with the front-end team to optimise the mobile version of a site/native application. Learning detailed mobile Javascript libraries such as Vue.Js is, in fact, what separates a casual front-end developer from a professional.

By palmora