As it is known, the LCD is a component that serves to display information and images on a smartphone. And now, almost all brands of smartphones use LCD with touchscreen or touchscreen systems. Therefore, LCD is very important for today’s smartphones. However, what happens if your iPhone’s LCD screen vibrates and is shaded? Have you ever experienced it? The lines and shadows that vibrate on the screen are very disturbing. Especially on iPhones that have high mobility in terms of use. Don’t worry, now, mobilekangaroo can help you to iphone screen repair.

The problem of vibrating and shaded lines on this screen is known as “Screen Flickering”. However, before we discuss further, it’s good to know why the iPhone screen vibrates and shades. Some things that cause a screen to be stripped and shaded are:

First, the smartphone falls. A collision that causes pressure on the screen, causing LCD to suffer damage such as stripes, vibrations, or blank white.

Second, the smartphone is submerged in water, causing damage such as the screen vibrates and shadows.

Overcoming the problem of Screen Flicking can be in various ways. One of them is to deactivate the auto-brightness until a restore. However, in some cases, these methods cannot solve the problem.

So, the only solution if your iPhone screen vibrates is the iPhone and the cables with the new one.

The iPhone screen has a shadow, this is because the LCD lamp is damaged. The reason is the cable has been damaged. Maybe it’s because they are attracted or exposed to strong pressure. If the line on the iPhone screen appears occasionally and sometimes the screen moves on its own, this is because the display on your iPhone’s has been damaged and must be replaced immediately.

If on the iPhone screen appears or black spots appear, this is likely your iPhone has been pressed by heavy objects.

If on your iPhone screen there is a white light background, the cause is a movie for back light damage, and it’s time to be replaced. But before you replace it, it’s good to know in advance the type of LCD for your iPhone screen.

We recommend that you choose the original LCD compared to replication because this will affect the performance of your iPhone in the future. Although the LCD is cheaper, it cannot be used to the full. Moreover, the iPhone is a premium class smartphone.

While overcoming the striped and shaded iPhone screen, here are the steps you must do.

  1. Open the iPhone screen.
  2. Remove the LCD connector on the iPhone, and remove the LCD and iPhone battery.
  3. Clean the cable by continuously brushing the toothbrush.

Next, you can install the battery cable and iPhone connector again. Then try turning it on.

If it’s still stripped, you can clean it again or twice again. However, if it still doesn’t solve the problem, then that means your iPhone screen must be replaced immediately. In addition, this is the case for changing the LCD, the price.

Original iPhone LCD has a relatively expensive price, and for the price of each iPhone service place also varies.

However, the technician is directly to find the iPhone and its alternative solutions. So, our suggestion is to have an iPhone repair shop and repair your broken iPhone to the experts.

By palmora